Monsoon Dress Makeover

Hello everyone!
After all those running posts and with a tutorial on the way (just finalising it at the moment), a little bit more of this wonderful sewing project I did. I got this Monsoon dress from a girl at work and it was rather large and shapeless. Of course that had to be changed!

This is the dress. Cute (not ironed I know!), but a bit baggy in its size 14. But I can see the potential!

First, the sleeves had to go... 

Then I shortened the dress by taking the dress up by the straps. This meant taking off the entire beaded section, recutting it, and sewing it back on. I also took the dress in a bit to fit me (am not a size 14 after all).

Taadaa! Said dress in action at a party :) Yes that is just juice by the way, the cocktails were just too strong!

I am very pleased with this result and even wore this dress to our anniversary dinner. It's very comfortable and with all the purple it actually matches my vintage necklace also! Do you like it?


  1. Wow,that's really amazing!

  2. Good Morning MJ, I just popped over from Natasha in Oz to take a look at your monsoon dress makeover and my word, what a change you have made. It takes a special eye to see potential in a dress and to change it completely. You have made a wonderful job of this dress and it looks lovely on you.
    I have really enjoyed my visit so I have become a new follower.
    With Best Wishes from the North of England.

    1. Good morning Daphne and thank you for your kind comments :) I think anything with purple in it has potential really ;) But I do love the way it came out!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's just too wonderful! What a gorgeous dress you ended up with! That must have taken so much work.
    You took the sleeves off and raised it by a bit? I wonder how you found the 'sewing back on' that you mention so blithely and unconcerned, that would have given me a major headache!
    Well done. It looks great!


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