Gorgeous Costumes as Hobbycraft Excel Show

Hi again everyone!
As promised, finally a post about the craft show I went to the day before my half marathon. I got cheap tickets via Groupon, I only paid £4! Excellent bargain although the show was tiny despite Excel being huge so I was kind of glad I didn't pay more. There was not much for sewing purposes, a few fabric stalls, but it was mainly focused on crafts like beading and cardmaking. I did get some excellent decoupage bits for card making, my mother is very pleased as she is the recipient of most of them and I'm getting better at it! :)

There was, however, one bit that I particularly wanted to share with you. There was one display which was just amazing. I could have stayed there for a looong time, had it not been for the crowds. I took a ton of photos but made some collages so the post isn't too photo-heavy. 

First, I spotted this display, it's all movie costumes! The one in the middle is from The Duchess, the ones on the right from Sense and Sensibility. Arent they amazing?

This was the stall with all the gorgeous dresses, there were so many!

I liked some better than others, this one had an enormous bustle. It looked great! I always wonder how their bustles never look like aprons. Mine always do somehow... 

This was a goldish/blue dress. There was so much detail! The dress itself look fairly plain but the detailed flowers really made it special.

Finally, my favourite. Yes, it's blue and pink but I couldnt get away from it. I just love it! It's so well made and looks amazing from every angle. 

These dresses made it totally worthwhile visiting the show. I think until Ally Pally in October or so there are no more so lots of time to focus on more projects, whoohoo!


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