#MakeYourStash - Iron Caddy

Good morning my lovely readers¬

It's the bank holiday weekend and the weather is turning out wonderful! I'll get to take more photos of my creations in the sun :)

Today I wanted to show you the other project I made for which I had bought the Insulbrite in the first place. That's a hard thing to find here in the UK if not online, so when I happened to find it at one of the sewing shows I was delighted.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest a while back, and as I normally store my iron in its original box which apparently is not a good thing, I thought this would make a wonderful storage for it. I remember thinking at the time: why would this be a travel caddy? Who travels with their iron?? It turns out: I do! Well, I don't travel with it meaning I leave the house, but I do move it around the house so in a way it travels a bit.

A while back, a friend visited my in good ol' London and we went fabric shopping. We both crushed on this purple button fabric, so we both had to get some. She bought a few meters of the fabric alone, I bought some of the button and also some matching polka dots. I think I got a meter of each, although I can't be sure. It's been a couple of years! So when I looked through my stash for fabric for this project, this was the obvious choice :) I'll let you read the original tutorial on the link above, but here is my result:

The inside with the Insultbrite.

The outside showing the lovely button fabric. This is where I learned that when using bias binding to always do the inside first. It's not super obvious but it would have looked better if I'd done that...

Just enough room for my iron

I ended up using a scrap from another project to put over the iron to protect it from dust as my iron seems to be taller than average. 

The caddy has a few flaws, but all in all am very pleased with how it came out, and I can now happily carry my iron through the house and it looks much nicer than the box! 


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