#MakeYourStash - Seventies Jersey Maxi Skirt

Hello again everyone!

It's becoming tradition to blog on  Saturday evening ;) Well, as far as you can call three weeks in a tow a tradition anyway...

In today's #MakeYourStash challenge, I made a super easy maxi skirt. I received this fabric from a friend who had a stash of original 70s fabric lying around and was having a clear out, so I could take my pick. So many great fabrics!! Some shocking ones also, don't get me wrong. These were the seventies after all. Of course I just had to pick this fabric with the giant purple flowers! So this fbric was in my friend's stash for many many years, and possibly in someone else's before then... Have you ever noticed that unused fabric travels between friends? That is so cool! It then took me at least 2 years to decide on what to make with this... It had to be the perfect item as I love the colours of this fabric so much! It's this super fake stretchy material, not unlike jersey, but obviously from 40-50 years ago so it feel really fake (if that makes sense). I wouldn't wear this as a dress, but it works great as a skirt so that is what it would become.

For inspiration I spent some time on Pinterest. I don't remember which one I used exactly, but if you search for 'jersey maxi skirt' you'll get a ton of results, many of them with really straight forward instructions. I just cut an A-line front and back, and added a waistband. The fabric was quite stretchy so I didn't need a zip. I just used the fabric itself and did not ad elastic. I figured it would be good enough, and luckily it worked as I only have a teeny tiny bit of fabric left!

Of course I rushed outside in the nice weather and took some photos to show you:

The skirt is so comfortable! And I realised afterwards that I have tops in all colours to match ;)

My attempt of being all artsy with my photos LOL

One more project done, now I can relax and prepare for the next one!

I absolutely adore this fabric. It's a super 70s print, and not everyone I know loves it as much, but the colours just make me happy. Another friend gave me a good tip a little while back for my overlocker (serger for my American readers), as I didn't use it very much as I hated to re-thread it so often to match the colours. She advised to use grey thread as it disappears in most colours. I tried it out and she was right! I now only use grey thread, and most of the time it really blends in! It's much friendlier for lighter colours than a strong white, and it's easier to handle with darker colours. So I hope this might help some of you in using your overlocker more :)

What do you think of my new skirt? Let me know in the comments, and then it's off to my next challenge! Have a great weekend everyone!


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