Castle Week - Windsor Castle

OMG OMG the Royal Wedding is today!!! So I'm posting this super early so maybe I can add another post at the end of the day with some pics of the wedding-hype in London. Provided I am going to leave the house... the bf wants to goto the archery, not very royal despite the fact that it's near Kensington Palace...

Anyway, on Tuesday we went to Windsor Castle. Not at all scheduled but an idea of the bf (I was very impressed!). It is one of the 'active' castles, meaning the royals actually still live here and only part of the castle is open to the public.

So we took the train to Windsor and got our tickets. Good tip for anyone wanting to visit: if you buy the tickets from the Castle directly, you can have them stamped and they will be valid for one year! So you can go back anytime for a year FOR FREE!

Walking onto the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is where I discovered that my camera didnt have a memory card in it... How clever... so all pics here are taken by the bf :)

Definitely a very castle-y castle :)

The main square with a good view of the Round Tower. If the flag is up it means that a royal is in residence at that time. I wonder who it was...

As the audio guide (yes I managed to convince the bf to get the audio guide since it was our first visit here LOL) said that the chapel would close earliest, we decided to tackle that bit first. These are some apartments that are still used by the knight of... eh... sorry I totally forgot. Let's just say royal knights? The English (not British!) flag on the houses indicate this.

We couldnt take pics inside the chapel which was a real shame as it was gorgeous in there, but the outside was fantastic too. I have a better pic actually but I wasnt in it hihi. The bf took a looot of pics and I cant post them all!

On the way to the State Apartments, we had to go through this archway. Royals or not, this is really close to the airport and it's really obvious by all the planes flying over all the time, and some of them terribly low...

The view from this part was incredible!

Gorgeous towers near the State Apartments. Sadly the sun wasnt exactly present anymore and it was really cold. But the castle still looked great of course.

The bf trying to see if he can make a quick getaway LOL. I had taken the camera and wanted him to do something funny. Behold: the funny bf hihi

Sadly we couldnt take any pics inside the castle either, but let me assure you: it is worth it! Only a handful of rooms but you get to walk through the huge hall where they have some big dinner and the table takes up the ENTIRE room... I googled it and if you click here, you can see what I mean. There are some more pics there of the indoor bit.

We exited the tower onto a large square where we could also see where the royals would arrive during an official visit or something. Very cool :) This archway was really lovely. The bf tried taking a few pics of it with me in it also but there were too many people around.

Instead he took one from the other side of the Round Tower :) Btw, dont you just love my skirt? No I didnt make it, but I bought it at the AB&B, more on that later... You'll notice am not exactly warm, the wind was freezing and went straight through me, and I was wearing a LOT of layers...

One more for the road ;) This was just after the exit with a good view of the castle.

Honestly, I can highly recommend this castle to anyone visiting London. The staff are very friendly and it has great historical value. :)

I hope you liked my bit on Castle Week (well, castle 3 days really), if you'll excuse me now, I have a wedding to prepare for hihi. See you after!!


  1. I saw a TV programme the other day about conservationists cleaning a really BIG, old "heritage" house during the winter break. There were whole regiments of volunteers, meticulously dusting everything down and whatnot.. it took them months.
    I wonder how those castles were kept clean! I mean, I have a normal house, 4 cats and a full time job, and my residence is less than spotless, to say the least. Just imagine cleaning all those windows! the mere thought makes me want to hop off the roof... ^^

  2. Loved this visit ... just wish it could have been a "live" one by me! I looked at the table per your link ... Oh my goodness! And here am I thinking how terribly nervous I get when I just have 6 people for dinner!

    Thanks so much for sharing, MJ! Have fun at the wedding!


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