Race for Life, Gothic Style

Hi everyone! I am feeling better :) I think my stomach ache had to do with taking dissolvable aspirin for three weeks as part of my dental treatment and actually forgetting to dissolve it... very blonde yes... I only realised this yesterday so starting today, I will actually dissolve them ;)

No recipes or crafts yet, but I do have some fun pics to share about the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK which was on a few weeks ago. I have to shamefully admit that I was only there to cheer as I was way too lazy to run of even walk, but once there I really wanted to participate! So next year I will join too :) Especially since my clown costume is pink ;)

Knowing my social groups here in London, this walk was never going to be normal, and I took lots of pics of the Goth Group walking and running the marathon. How can goths be pink enough to support the Race for Life? Haahaa, watch and learn!

The atmosphere was great, so many people and all in pink which actually looked good for a change :)

Some great head dressed by these girls. I really love them!

One of the girls from our group sprinting for the finish line. She had pink ribbons on her hat.

Another one holding up the Bodyform that was in the goody bag LOL. It was just too funny not to photograph! Excellent hair too of course.

Group photo of all who participated, with parasols of course :)

I just loved this, very spontaneously some of the girls started pulling the pink hair pieces, since they were all bouncy it had a hilarious effect.

Final picture of the 'bloomers' sub group. Some girls had gotten out their finest bloomers to wear to raise that little bit extra. It must have worked, they raised nearly £2000!

So after all that pink fun, I must run next year also. Probably not goth though, something more fun and happy like a clown or so. Who knows? Did anyone else do this? Let me know if you did, I would love to know :)


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