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Sometimes I wonder, as do we all I am sure (or at least I hope), what the point of it all is. I mean, here I am, finally at home, an hour late due to overtime at work (unpaid) and for now with no results to show for it other than put-in effort, drinking a glass of (extremely yummy and much needed) Baileys to get rid of the emotional rollercoaster that can be called work. Of course we all have to make a living and I am lucky enough to not have a job that I by definition hate, but then why do I feel like I spend all this time chasing people and money (yes that is my job) and I am not getting anywhere... This is not a rant about my job/position/employer or anything of the kind, although I do wonder if this is all there is to life? Am I the only one thinking like that? I mean, we all try to do our best in all things in life, but is it ever enough? See, this is my problem, I never actually know where I am going with this point. I just feel like I dont see the results of my labour. It is so frustrating that when I (very low on the ladder) try my best for a good number of weeks, and then I am forced to call for help (others a little higher up on the ladder) who then do their stuff wishy washy, when finally someone above me steps in, gets it all done and saves the day. Where did my hard work go? I know 'the team' will still be credited, but am I being selfish in wanting praise for sorting out through the big mess in the first place? This is something that has happened today and for some reason I took it personally, as I do with so many things these days. I really need a nice long holiday... So I just thought I'd put the question out there and see what you think and maybe share your thoughts?

*sipping Baileys while letting this question sink in and start preparing the answer*

Well, not my answer... I dont have one! But now that I have typed it all out I do feel better. A bit at least. I should... no COULD as I am told to say be making dinner but instead I am choosing to send this question (was about to say 'issue', how work is that!) into the void and see what I get back.

Something I do get praise for, or at least I feel like I do, are my creations. No matter how small, people do appreciate a small homemade gift. And for lack of another 'random' post, let me share some random small items I made that I didnt have a chance to post yet. Actually, they're just a few but I still wanted to show you:

Finally a black yoyo hair accessory. This one is actually entirely glued together. Now I have something to match when I wear only black :) Yes that means I've been wearing it a lot ;)

Closeup of the Halloween hair accessory I made for the Fall Gift Exchange. I loved this so much I didnt even want to send it! I did in the end though of course.

Closeup of the needle book I made for the Fall Gift Exchange. The inside had white and red 'pages' also. I hope she liked it!

I made these a while ago as post-Christmas gifts. The purple ones probably look familiar as I made one before for someone at work. I just loved the combination so much that I just had to copy it several more times.

See, this is the stuff I find rewarding right now. Work is great too dont get me wrong and I dont think I could be a stay-at-home mom or even unemployed for too long, but sometimes it's nice to be told how great you are. Dont you agree?

And now I'll leave you to it for the remainder of the evening before I scare away even more followers! LOL Something more positive tomorrow, more Baileys for now :)


  1. Bring on the Baileys, love. There are definitely days custom made for a smidge of self indulgence, and this sounds like nail on the head.

  2. I agree ... bring on the Bailey's!! We all deserve to pity ourselves once in a while and it certainly sounds like you have one of those times. I'm sorry you are feeling down, but am confident that you will be back up there in the "happy" world soon.


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