Another Wedding Attended

Hi everyone!
It's still busy around here, it seems to be wedding season and for some reason this time for lots of people we know. No, that doesn't mean I will post about every wedding we attend hihi... Last weekend we spent at a wedding in Windsor which was really lovely and there were even a few mins of dry weather to take some pictures outside. Yes really... since then it has pretty much rained non-stop but what can you do, it's England after all.

I'm really trying to craft some more but with all these events it is tricky getting some time in. All these events of course also need to be arranged which is my part of the job so it can be quite nerve-wrecking sometimes. But the wedding was good, I'm a sucker for romance anyway ;) Let me show you some pictures, you'll agree... 

 Let's start with the food, in true Hobbit style ;) The food was very nice, simple but really good. This was dessert, a chocolate mousse with fruit stuff (I didn't eat the fruit stuff, there was chocolate!). It was so good that I ate the bf's too! hahaha...

Just look at this bouquet. I think the pearls are a really nice touch, first time I've seen this actually but then I don't attend too many weddings. Again, simple yet classy. I'm liking this wedding :) 

And then this cake, OMG! And it tasted so good! I couldn't stop taking pictures of it, but this was the one that showed the fruit the best. It was really really nice. And pretty too :)

With all that red, some purple was needed. Well, they did invite me (us) after all so they also invited the purple. Hihi... luckily there were lots of people in purple so I didn't stand out too much. But I did seem to have a LOT in this colour ;)

 I couldn't decide what to wear so I played it safe (again) with the purple vintage dress combined with my mother's vintage necklace. The thing that made me choose the purple dress in the last minute over the really cute white and black one that I had planned to wear (other than that wearing whitish is frowned upon if you're not the bride): that tiny little handbag that I found in the charity shop for £1.50! Score!

A moment without rain. Yes, that's our second home in the background there. If the Queen ever moves that is, hihi! Nah, just kidding... For all who don't know: behind us is Windsor Castle....

And of course the happy couple :) They looked so happy together! You can't really see the dress here but trust me it's nice :) Very elegant and just poofy enough. 

We had a lovely time and it took me a few days to recover from all the eating, drinking, and socialising... just in time for our next adventure... More of that soon!


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