Another Year at London Zoo Lates

Hi everyone!
Do you remember when we went to London Zoo Lates last year? Not to worry if you don't, I nearly forgot also until I accidentally saw an ad for it on the tube. Normally, tickets cost £20 and for some reason I couldn't find a cheaper deal and I didn't want to pay that much so we nearly didn't go. Then, in the last minute, there was a deal. Whoohoo! 50% off so of course we went :)

And this time I even got to see the turtles!

 It was so much busier than last year! The weather was worse but I guess last year's fun had become public knowledge and there were hundreds of people. There was lots of food of course and since everyone came straight from work, the queues were horrendous to get something to eat. Luckily I'd planned ahead and had a big lunch. I mean, the taco queue was like a mile long! On the other hand, who wants to eat a taco in the zoo anyway? Must be tricky to eat that and walk at the same time...

 After finding our friends and waiting for them to eat, we headed off to see the animals. Just look at the sky! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't warm, but we had BLUE sky :)

 We saw the giraffes of course, I love the giraffes :) You could tell it was cold as last year they were all still outside at this time and now they were all indoors already.

 We passed all the animals we saw last year as I knew they would all be put to bed at 9ish so we headed for the aquarium to see the lovely fish. Yes, that's me :)

 Gorgeous coral

 We also missed the snakes last year so I insisted on seeing them also. They were really cool, and there was even one snake like the one above who was very active and very Harry Potter like. It was great fun although impossible to photograph...

And indeed the sea turtles :) Very cute!

By the time we had finished with the snakes it was 9pm and most of the animals were in 'bed' already. Plus the people were getting a bit annoying and were having more to drink than normal. That combined with a long day at work for both the bf and myself resulted in an early exit and we left straight after. It was good fun again but much less than last year (also to do with not everyone being able to make it) so I may give next year a miss. But hey, who knows what can happen until then!


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