Inspiration and Fabric Shopping Trip

Hi everyone!
I'm slowly getting back to my crafty roots and working actively on my cross stitch at the very least. It's looking good so far, and by the amount of squares I've crossed off on the pattern it looks like I've come a long way but sadly it really doesn't look like that yet on the actual fabric. But am sure with patience I'll get there :)

As I also wanted to get back into sewing as my poor sewing machine is starting to feel lonely, I organised a fabric shopping trip in Shepherds Bush Market last Saturday with the Sewing and Craft groups. We were about 15 people and boy was it tricky to keep the 'herd' together! That much fabric can be quite exciting... 

We met at Goldhawk Road tube station went up the road towards the Green, crossed the street and back down the road until we hit the market, going into EACH AND EVERY fabric shop we passed along the way.Unfortunately, we were way too distracted by the pretty fabrics to take a lot of pictures, but one member of the group managed to take some in the market and during the post-shopping-desperately-needed-drinks-and-snacks at the Bush Theatre Cafe.

Some of us in Shepherds Bush Market. This was nearly the last stall we went to (check out the lovely haberdashery in the background!) so we all look a little worse for wear.

 Yay coffee and cake at last! What a great way to end a successful shopping trip :) Much needed as we'd started at noon and I'd told everyone to eat beforehand as I knew once we'd sit down that would be the end of the shopping and the plan was to visit each and every shop.

 Loot loot! Excellent cottons and lining fabrics were found by my friend J. here. As it was a lovely day with blue skies and everything, a beer was not amiss at all :)

 My very best purchase of the day: a tiny PURPLE tin containing a PURPLE measuring tape! And only for £1.50! I was in heaven :) And yes I bought two of them ;)

 Trying out the infamous measuring tape on my friend G.'s new fabrics. The picture doesn't quite show it but it really is purple! 

My loot of the day: cotton fabrics!! I have to many cotton quilting fabrics that I just dont have enough of to make a project so these will fill that up rather nicely me thinks :) I'm trying to stay away from dress fabrics at the moment as I need to get through my current stash first. It look very colourful here but rest assured, they're not all for the same project ;) I only bought half a meter of each fabric so I didn't spend too much money and I won't end up with mountains of leftover fabric. See, am learning!

It was an exhausting day but oh so much fun! I haven't started to pre-wash yet but I'll do that later. Hopefully soon there will be some lovely finished items :) But for now, let's watch some telly and do some more cross stitch ;) Although....


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