Celebrate Oz 2012

Heyhey again everyone!
After a busy weekend, I'm slowly getting into the creativeness again and today's it's time for Linda's Celebrate Oz 2012 blog party over at Olde Baggs 'n' Stuffed Shirts!

As I didn't want to blog about my Mombi dress yet again, I needed a new project. I mean, sure I loooove my dress but I've already blogged about it way too much... So time for a new project, but what to do? With the events of the past few weeks, my life was not exactly Oz related and another costume was not needed really, but wait I still had those gorgeous fabrics I won last year at the giveaway from Quilts Sew Shabby! Remember these?

Not to worry if you don't really. My favourite piece is the one on the top right and I really don't want to cut it up so I haven't used that bit yet. But after about a year of thinking about using these fabrics I actually came up with an idea that was both practical and cute :) I decided to make toiletry bags! No, not as boring as it may sound... I've had this one purple toiletry bag for about 10 years and while it's still in very good condition, it's also driving me up the wall as it's too big. I wanted something practical like the one I made for the bf on Christmas. Naturally there were some tiny mistakes but the result is quite nice and I really love both bags now. Maybe even enough for another trip so I can actually use them ;)

This is what I made, aren't the the cutest?!

I started off with a small makeup bag. You know for when you only need to take a few things... This was one side, showing Dorothy and Scarecrow when they meet the Tin Man.

The other side quoting 'No heart, all hollow' which is what the Tin Man says when he tells Dorothy and the Scarecrow about wanting a heart.

I got this fabric from a friend and it was just perfect as now it's not all hollow anymore and there are plenty of hearts! I think it's hilarious and great pun. Could be just me though ;)

The makeup bag is just perfect for some eyeshadow, a lipstick, and mascara. Plus it fits inside the bigger bag which is even better! I just made this bag flat by sewing two squares together and adding a black zipper. It was the best way to show off the cool prints.

The larger bag I made out of two different pieces of Oz fabric, highlighted with yellow flower fabric and some blue gingham and a pink zipper. I used the pink fabric that I don't like too much for the lining so it looks very Glinda-esque :)

Originally I had planned on using red shoes of some sort as a charm for the zipper. However, it's been a year and I have been unable to find shoes that I liked, so I used this witch hat instead. This was a button type thingy but for scrapbooking so without any holes in it. I made the hole with a hot needle and just used a tiny keyring to attach it. I think it looks cute and very appropriate as the hat was all that was left of the Wicked Witch of the West!

 I had to use a pink zipper as the black one broke just before I wanted to sew it in. Oops... But as Glinda is featured it's all good. I also added this tiny bit of blue gingham to make it easier to open the bag. Blue gingham is after all what Dorothy's dress is made of! The yellow on the sizes I had to add as I didn't want this bag to be flat but my original pieces were too small to get this triangular effect. I chose the yellow as it's of course the colour of the yellow brick road :)

 It fits my basic toiletries perfectly :) Yes, these are just some things I grabbed for the picture, but I really don't need much more when we go away for only a few days.

 And these are the bags again! My tiny makeup bag and the toiletries bag, made out of some of my lovely Wizard of Oz fabrics :) Of course I had to watch the movie while making these so I felt even more inspired.

Thank you Linda for hosting this blog party again and I hope you like what I've done with it this year. Now let's fly and check out all the other entries... fly my pretties, fly fly!!


  1. This is fabulous.....you are quite a good picker outer of good stuff to make for Oz. Thanks so much for being an important part of this celebration. xoxoxo Oma Linda

  2. Un fantastico trabajo.
    Me ha encantado visitaros a a todas las que participais.
    besitos ascension

  3. Very pretty, love the fabrics. Love seeing creative sewing! Great Oz post.

  4. Great little pouches! and fabulous fabric! I have to admit I was thinking of the other Oz when I saw your blog post title - Dorothy and the tin man were quite a surprise!! :)

  5. Yummy little baglets and fun post!

  6. Hey Dutchy! Je hebt erg mooie Oz goodies gemaakt. Ik maak artdolls en heb een groen heksje in elkaar geboetseerd voor de party ;-)
    groetjes van Dutchy Donna

  7. The bags are lovely, and I absolutely love the quote!

  8. Love the bags you've made with that great Oz printed fabric. They turned out terrific and a wonderful way to clelbrate Oz.

  9. These are fabulous! Great use of the fabrics, and you haven't had to loose any of the images :D XXX

  10. Your toiletry bags are truly Oz-some in every way!

    Happy Celebrate Oz Day!

  11. I love your beautiful Bags ! Happy Return to Oz Celebration !


  12. Oh MJ!! These are terrific! I love how you know just the right things to do to make your very special crafty items work to the fullest! The witchy hat and the heart fabric inside the pouch ... fantastic ideas. Very very cute!

    Hugs from America ... Nancy

  13. Oh wow! I LOVE them! You did a wonderful job. The quote is great. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work. :)

  14. These bags are the best! Love them! Very creative of you! I hope you had a great Oz celebration ;o) I'm catching up on blogs today ;o) Take Care ;o)

  15. These are Darling bags!!! So perfectly made and love the pretty interiors!!! You have inspired me to create something similar!!What would be better than OZ Bags???!!!

  16. Your quilting wins and bags are so amazing! Thank you for sharing your treasures and have a beautiful week.

  17. Oh my gosh your creations are simply wonderful! Loved the pun of your heart lining for the tin man case!

  18. The hearts inside the bag absolutely make it!!!


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