Anniversay Trip to Edinburgh

Hi all,
Last June, I gave the bf a long weekend in Edinburgh as an anniversary present. Due to work commitments etc we only managed to get there last weekend. But it was perfect :) The weather was fantastic and we saw everything we wanted to see. We both took so many pictures that I made some collages to share with you here as otherwise this post would be very photo heavy. I hope you like it anyway!

The trip started off perfectly with breakfast at Giraffe at the airport. Pancakes yumm!

On the first day we kind of just walked through the city and took in the views.

Of course Edinburgh Castle was a must-see and we spent several hours there. The views were amazing as was the Great Hall. If you're ever nearby, you have to go here!

St Giles Cathedral was nice to visit also. As we went there about 30 mins before closing time, we had to hurry up but it was another attraction ticked off the list.
 On Sunday evening, we visited the Real Mary Kings Close. It is a tour of some streets that are now underground as they built something on top and kind of forgot about the street. The maquette on the left shows the now covered street.
We really wanted to visit Arthur's Seat but it was quite a hike. After some careful planning and rescheduling, we managed to find the time to hike up there though. We did get completely lost and had to take some insane stairs to get up here, but it was so worth it! You see that hill in the top left picture? That's the end destination... 

After climbing Arthur's Seat we were starving, so we went to Frankstein's Pub to have lunch. I had haggis which I love :) The pub was very Halloweeny and everything was Frankenstein related, very cool.

Pretty much next door to Frankenstein's was Greyfriar's Kirk. The church itself was not as spectacular as the cathedral, but the cemetary was really impressive. The autumn colours helped as well of course.

 The Edinburgh Dungeon was great, and check out my shiny new cookie cutters! Perfect for Halloween :) I love the axe especially muahahaha...

It was a really good weekend, we saw a lot, had amazing food, and now need another weekend just to recover. But I think the bf liked his present :)


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