Cross Stitch WIP

Heyhey all!
Another WIP is my Spooky House cross stitch that I've taking with my absolutely everywhere... On the train (much to the amusement of some other passengers), to all the sewing and crafting group meetings, and sometimes I even work on it during my lunch break. But the result is getting there :)

I started this in April this year after having finished the Witch Hat one,and I'm still trying to finish the moon. It is so much work! Much more than the hat project, but it's slowly getting there. If I leave the moon until the end, I'll never finish it LOL.

This is how far I got in June... One of the bats is slowly showing... 

In August I finished a lot more already. I had to do some of the tree so that I could finish the 'floating' pieces on the right.

This is my progress at the end of September. You can see the outline of the house now! I have officially finished two of the moon sections. Out of 6 so still a way to go... but I'll be carrying it around some more so I'll keep you posted on how I get on. 

Though maybe I'll do some of that tree as I'm nearly out of the white floss... No way that this will be done before Halloween, watch this space as you never know ;)


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