New Coat and Visit to Choccywoccydoodah

Hello again all of my lovely readers!
It is slowly getting colder here, which means I get to wear my shiny new coat! Whoohoo! A couple of months ago, I really wanted to go shopping during my lunch break. So I dragged one of my colleagues along to the market and off we went. I have to add that it was extremely warm, in the high 20s C outside. We went into many shops which had absolutely nothing for me, but lots for my colleague. Not to worry, I was sure I would find something. Once we found a more 'me' shop, I dove in and browsed. And there is was, in a wonderful shade of purple, exactly in my size, and on sale, my new winter coat. It had to be tried on of course so the shop lady was kind enough to turn on the fan (which idiot tries on a winter coat in nearly 30C heat?!) and I tried on the coat. It felt like a big hug so I had to get it. 

Many years ago (!) I bought some really nice red fabric to actually make a coat, but as said fabric is still awaiting its turn, buying this coat was much more efficient :) It was perfect!. But as it was so hot, I couldn't really wear it. Until now! Yay :) My coat had its first ever outing during the 20% off event at Carnaby Street a few weeks back, when I went to Choccywoccydoodah with my friend J. 

Choccywoccydoodah is a fabulous chocolate shop where they made chocolates, chocolate cakes, have a cafe, they are just fab. Their head office is based in Brighton but I haven't made it there yet. The one in Carnaby Street is often visited though :) They also have a TV show which shows the world how they work and what wonderful cakes they make. The one thing that I really want to buy one day is their chocolate skull. It's a bit pricey at £63 but it's life sized and solid chocolate so you'll need to smash it with a hammer. Yumm!

 My friend and I posing in front of the yummy chocolates

 Ben from the TV show was in the shop and was too happy to pose with us :) Groupie alert! Hihi...

They even had this throne in the shop which of course just had to be tested! Here you can see my lovely new coat also, isn't it so me?! I love it! 

This was also the first outing of my knit dress, but more on that later :) I have some chocolate to eat...


  1. YOu look perfectly at home on that throne! And now, I want chocolate!

  2. That coat is awesome! Such a great colour.
    I didn't realise how expensive Choccywoccydoodah's skulls are! My sister's boyfriend bought her one last year...she never ate it because she didn't want to ruin it!


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