Cake and Bake Show 2014

Hi everyone!
It really feels like I have only posted on here yesterday, so I was a tad surprised that it has been nearly three weeks already! I've just been so busy I guess. I've taken up zumba so a lot of my time goes into that, but I'm loving it.

Two weeks ago I went to the Cake and Bake Show here in London. Sadly no Mary Berry sighting but lots of goodies :) I arrived super early as I had to be elsewhere in the afternoon, and it was soooo busy! They had been promoting tickets on all the voucher websites so it was insanely packed. Yes, even at 10am on a Saturday! I got some nice things which of course I forgot to photograph so a description will have to do, but I did take some pics of the cakes that they had there:

Granted, this is not a cake but what a very cool sofa!

Alice in Wonderland display. You need to click on this to see it bigger, there were so many details! Cookies, cake pops, tartlets, the works. 

Selection from the 'cake catwalk', I didnt see it all as it was just too busy and I had too much to see. What I did see what really amazing though!

One stall had mostly Halloween stuff so I to take a piccie of it. Strangely enough I bought nothing here but their display was cool :)

Interesting display for shot glass deserts

Chocolate rose cake

Girly art nouveau cake, I love it (not at all related to the level of purple in this)

Check out all these tiny flowers, the cake was covered with it!

In the end I bought some cupcake mixes, gluten free flour to make muffins for work, a TON of sprinkles, Halloween cutout moulds for icing, Halloween coloured icing, a Bonne Maman cookbook which I adore, cookie cutters, lots of cupcake/muffin liners, a Halloween baking magazine, and possibly more that I cant even remember. Sadly I did not find a cake carrier but have put that on my wish list for now :)

It was a good day out! I even used the cookbook already and I also baked some muffins for my fundraiser at work. More on that in another post though. For now, have a great (remainder of?) Sunday and a good start of the week!


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