Magazine Ad Becomes Photo Frame

Hello again!
Yes, I am pre-blogging this, otherwise I will forget to post this again! It's a few months since I have made this but I had to find the right place to use it and of course a nice piccie for in the frame. A while ago, there was a cover of the Stylist magazine (magazine they hand out in the Tube every week) showing some sort of beauty product. I think I remember which one but that shouldn't be too important. The cover was amazing and the whole issue was about nail polish and lipstick (yes very girly). So I kept the cover. Having made some frames before, an idea started forming... but how to cut up a gorgeous magazine cover into an equally lovely photoframe?

Start by buying a cheap frame, this came from the 99p store, that should work.

Cut the pattern until it looks good on the frame and apply MP. This the back... Can't show you the best part straight away now can I? ;)

The stick it to the front also. Because the frame had a silver edge on the inside near the glass, the paper wouldn't stick properly, so I added some purple paint as a highlight.

Taadaa, this is the final frame! I love it! The cube effect of the cover is a little gone but the colours remain and it looks very artsy. Much better than the boring white frame anyway. I originally wanted to add some cubes on the top but that may have been overkill. Sometimes less is more :)

It's now on my desk so I have also found a good place for it. And a lovely picture... And I finally got to show this to you which pleases me even more!


  1. Ooh, this is lovely! I really, really like it. That's got to be a great way to add accessories to your living space that go with other things because of their colour, and the overall feel of things too.
    I'm inspired.

    Just one question: what is MP?

  2. Cute frame! and a lovely picture too!


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