LFCC 2013

Hello again!
I told you I had a few posts lined up ;) It has been another year where I haven't made to to San Diego ComicCon... I dont know even know how to get tickets and I've heard they sell out super fast so not sure I even want to try! But as I didn't make it to San Diego, I went to the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC). It has been many years since I had been and it was great fun! It was super warm but there was so much to see and do, I just had to share:

My attendance was rather spontaneous so I didn't have tickets. After 20 mins in the queue I had finally reached the entrance (though 20 mins was much less than expected so I was very happy anyway)

Some people came in costume despite the warm weather, this guy even turned up as a Borg, in full leather!

One of my friends as Kaylee from Firefly, she looked amazing!

Not a costume but a statue of the frozen T1000, later to be signed by the T2 stuntman.

Who could pass up the opportunity to be in the picture with the Ghostbusters car?!

Or Iron Man?

TWICE even! Especially funny considering the tshirt I was wearing :)

This was from Halo4 (I think) but too funny not to photograph!

 There were a few stationary objects you could have your picture taken with for a fiver, one of them was the Game of Thrones throne but I don't look really great in that (how do you pose on a throne without looking completely pompous in normal clothing??) but this one with Kit I just had to share. I wasn't allowed to sit in it unfortunately, but it was cool to see anyway.

I normally don't buy photographs with movie stars or anything, but when I saw that Jean Marsh would be there, I couldn't resist. For those of you who don't know, she is MOMBI! Oh how I regretted not wearing my Mombi dress when I found out... But I have my picture taken and I am absolutely chuffed to bits! Mombi in the flesh *squeel*

As it was only around the corner, we also had a short stop at the Tardis, the only one left in London. And as they're about the destroy it I've heard, I'm glad that we did!

It was a great day, and I'm hopefully going back in October for the winter version. Fingers crossed I can make it!!


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