Upcycled Wine Cork Trivet II

Hi again everyone!
I told you I had a lot of posts to publish? Well, here is another one :) Easter was a very creative time so I actually manage to do some projects that have been on my list for a while. One of them was this wine cork trivet. You may recall my first attempt at this? Over time, it needed some reparation (=more glue) and as I was working with the glue gun anyway, why not use up the rest of my corks? In the meantime, the stash had grown again and I even had enough corks to make a large trivet this time.
I have a tiny problem with buying funny grossgrain ribbon at pretty much every show, so this is also a great way to use some of that :) Isn't this gingerbread man print the cutest? I made sure to take a piccie right away in case of kitchen spatters or so ;)

So now I have a small and a large trivet. They're really handy for oven dishes or teapots. 

I'm still saving corks for other (yet undetermined) projects but as the stash is tiny right now, that may be a while. But this just shows, with the right motivation you can even make a cool small project :)


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