Easter - Yarn Wrapped Easter Eggs

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Finally, after having bought a ton of Styrofoam eggs a couple of years back, I finally sat down and wrapped them in yarn. Having seen a lot of tutorials on Pinterest (this is one for example), I really wanted to do this. So, having some time off at Easter and actually taking the time for lots of crafty stuff, I did it!

I won't post a tutorial here as there are so many everywhere to be found, but the process was easy. You just need lots of hot glue, Styrofoam eggs, and any yarn you have on hand (I have a LOT of leftover 80s acrylic LOL). Check out the result:

I kept an egg carton for easy storage, so handy!

I made on egg too many for the box though LOL. The ribbons are attached with a tiny silver pin that (sometimes) glued into the egg. I didn't glue in all the pins as the result was about the same and it's not like the eggs are that heavy that they need to be glued in.

 Proper branches were so pricey so I used a normal bunch of flowers. 

Most of the wool was thick enough to completely cover the eggs, once I got the hang of it it was pretty easy

Clearly I had a lot of stash in a lot of colours

Not bad if I say so myself :)

Of course we had real Easter eggs as well

I am very pleased with the result! Now to pack up everything again for next year...

I did spend a lot of time crafting so hopefully I will also have a lot of time to blog about it all, fingers crossed!


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