Easter - Gradual Egg Dying

Hi all!
It's Good Friday and that always means one thing: dying Easter eggs! It's been tradition since I was a little girl, and I am still doing this every year. 
I found this way of dying Easter eggs in a Martha Stewart magazine (or so I think, I have since given them away so I can't remember exactly, nor can I remember the exact word for this technique), and it's really easy and fun :) The result looks great too!

The instruction are easy. Add you dye and vinegar (or whatever you normally use) to a bowl and add the egg. Let this be for a few minutes, then add more water. Leave this be again, and add more water after a few minutes. Gradually, the egg will be covered in water, but because part of it has already been dyed, it will become lighter and lighter towards the top. It's great fun, check out my results:

It can be seen best on the purple and pink ones. I love this technique!

I made a few, we're only two so why make more? There is one where I tried the elastic technique but that didnt come out well at all so I just continued with the adding water bit.

Nearly time to eat them now!!


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