Easter - Much Needed Wreath Improvement

Good morning all!
In 2012, I made my first ever Easter wreath. It came out OK and I did use it for that year, but I was never excited about it and felt it was missing something... Do you remember what it looked like? It was this one:

A little sparse, don't you think? Not to fear, more Easter stuff to the rescue!

I added a better bow. I found rolls of bright colours at Tiger for only £1 each so I got a lot. I also added only one ribbon with bunnies so that really pops I think.

 Then I added another pack of plastic eggs to the whole thing, rearranging some of the existing ones as well. And a little more paper grass that I had leftover from the original wreath.

The result is amazing. I really love it now :) I also left out the large hanging ribbon and replaced it by a simple white one, drawing attention more to the wreath itself.

Would you like a comparison?
Before and After

Yes I like the new one much better! Now it's definitely more Eastery and looks much better. I am very proud of this one :) With some time to spare, I also made some more peasant bread (I love that recipe!) and some pull apart cinnamon bread. There goes my healthy regime!

Now we're all set for Easter and some time of R&R :)


  1. Lovely wreath!! The eggs look kind of like balloons!! :) Hope you had a good Easter!


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