Inspirational Day at the Joana Vasconcelos Exhibition

Someone I know from work works part-time with artists, and one of the artists he works with (Joana Vasconcelos) is currently showing an exhibition in London. I had been planning on going for a while now and last week's plans were cancelled but today was the day that we finally went. I even managed to convince the bf to come! Ok, one disastrous tube ride later (turned out I had lost my tube card somewhere so had to buy a new one) we both regretted leaving the house, but things quickly turned around at breakfast which we had at the Pain Quotidien in Notting Hill. There used to be only one branch, meaning hours of queuing, but luckily they have become a chain and are all across London. The best bread ever!! Really, if you're around you need to go check it out.

Doesnt it look yummy? Then we met my wonderful sewing friend Nada in town and tried finding the exhibition. As of course I didnt bring the map or anything else than the street name, the bf came to the rescue and found the place :) So check this out, it was very inspirational and there was obviously so much work involved!

The entrance:

Check out all the different patches and bits and fabrics used. And this thing is ginormous!

Crocheted art, my friend loved the top of the lamp below, but I think my fav is the wasp although the bull looks wicked too:

Multi-coloured fabric creature:

Black fabric creature:

Again, the details are amazing...

In the same room as this hanging thing (ALL crocheted btw and stuffed with fibrefill), the it was, the giant cupcake!!

Of course we had to have some fun with it... my friend wanted to take a bite out of it:

Which of course meant I had to do the same LOL

(yes this is me with the giant backpack)

Somehow my friend made the cupcake look bigger... anyway, one of the two of us for good measure :)

The exhibition ended with a carousel type thingy which I wanted to share also. Not at all fabric related but just a little bizarre. The bf loved it.

At the top of the stairs we say the giant thing again (turkey, octopus, insert more options here) and it looks huge! My friend said it should really be hung in a mall, a really good idea me thinks!

There was another one-room exhibition where they were showing a few cages but which did give me some cool photo ops so I also wanted to quickly show you these:

Yeah, not sure what to think about the last one, maybe you can help? I wanted to analyse this and figure it out but it is passed 1am and I am no condition for that right now LOL.

Of course our arty tour had to be completed with some cake at Caffe Concierto which was lovely also:

All in all, it was a good Saturday :)

If you liked the above, please check out Joana Vasconcelos' "I Will Survive" exhibition in London here or try to see her stuff when she is in your area. Now that I'm motivated again, I'll try to work on the steampunk garb tomorrow. So far, it is still not going anywhere... Good night everyone!


  1. oh my...that cupcake is awesome! I'm checking out the link you added. I must see this in person!


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