Steampunk Outfit - Skirt Progress

As mentioned earlier, I finally managed to get some decent progress done on the steampunk skirt. Remember the fabrics from my post the other day?

Well, these are the fabrics I am using for my steampunk outfit. Well, at the moment only the skirt really but the goldish fabric will be used in other bits as well.

Last week, I started on the skirts (it will have 3 layers!) and I made the base for the underskirt and the overskirt. I used the petticoat that I used for the Mombi dress, and the bustle pillow that I made a few months ago. With the bustle pillow, the hem is really hard to measure as the doll doesnt have a bum so the bustle on me has a lot more eh... volume ;) So this was last week's status ( which I havent blogged about yet, sorry, hence the combine post).

The underskirt

The overskirt

With both skirts I have the bustle pillow underneath already. I wanted to make a proper underskirt with ruffles, so I made a large pile of ruffles...

Can you believe this? The skirt had a circumference of 3.6m and I had I had 5 meters in ruffles and it still wasnt enough to make proper ruffles? Anyway, I didnt have too much fabric left to make a lot more ruffles, so I just left it this way and yesterday I FINALLY finished hemming them correctly. I had to wear everything and was pinning everything like that but at least now it's straight. Am so pleased! This was causing me a lot of grief last week...

Underskirt with ruffles

Even if it's not exactly as planned, am quite pleased with it so far :) I also changed the overskirt a little and took up the bottom a bit. I'm sure there is a proper name for this but I really dont know what that is exactly.

Overskirt with uptakings

I only took it up with the seams as to not make it look too Disney and it will have some steampunk deco near the end as well so it is all still a work in progress but all in all I like where it is going :) Excelt that it need to be ironed first LOL. How do you like it so far?


  1. I wish that I knew how to sew. My Mother and my Grandmother did, but never thought to pass on such a valuable skill. Shame on them.

  2. Beautiful job with the skirt!

    Sorry I don't usually comment like this but @ Tonia @CMV~~shame on you for not taking it upon yourself to learn from your mother/grandmother! Some opportunities you only have once!!

  3. Wow!! That looks so challenging, but you've done a great job:)
    Visiting from
    Come by and check out my giveaway going on this week...

  4. I can't wait to see the outfit when it's done. I love steampunk!!! I live in Chippenham, England--so we're practically neighbors!! I'll follow u, found u from NFFridays.
    cheers Dutchy,

  5. Great job on the skirts and ruffles! I can't wait to see the rest of the outfit! Thanks for linking up!


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