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Good morning world,
Wow, it is Saturday morning and not even 8am yet and I am wide awake! Well, nearly anyway. As I was slowly waking up I started thinking of all the stuff I needed to do today which of course woke me up even more... So here I am... I have a ton of things to post and many pictures to take but currently the battery of my camera is dead and of course the charger is in the bedroom where the bf is still sound asleep.

So I thought I'd share some wonderful news: I've been featured! My very first time :) As I usually make costumes or re-create the ideas of others (so not the original point of this blog but there are just too many good ideas out there!), no one ever copies something that it originally mine. Until today! Or yesterday actually. Dana from Straight Stitches has made my apple sauce and loved it! I'm so pleased she actually liked it also LOL. And she even complimented me on my photos which of course totally made my day after an annoying day at work. Thanx Dana!

Speaking of which, a little rambling is much needed: last Thursday, someone very clever decided to paint one tiny wall in our office (the entire office will be done later) with superbly evil smelling paint. While everyone was still in it! So imagine this, no windows that you can open, airconditioning that is only happily moving the smell around, and no one to say you can leave the office. I had to finish my work which sadly I couldnt do from home, and went outside a good few times to get some breathable air. I left only 5mins early as I didnt want to be the only one in my department to be all whiney and complain but yesterday I sure did suffer for it. My headache had not even gone yet! Am a little better now but it was just so annoying! Luckily work has now decided to do any future painting on the weekend. OK, rambling finished. I just had to put it out there. I love my job really, but lately it is getting to me.

As I dont want to leave you with absolutely no photos on this post, check out these colours I'm working with at the moment, arent they gorgeous?

Soon I will post on the project I'm using these for. Once the battery is charged, photos are taken and everything is actually finished that is... first, maybe I should tidy a little... *yawn* Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Congrats on the feature...and those colors are gorgeous, just like yummy chocolate!


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