Christmas Cupcakes by Dr Oetker

Hello everyone!
OMG it's the last day of the year!!! I have to work in a minute but I dont know if I will be blogging tonight so this could very well be my very last post of the year... The reason I wanted to post about these cupcakes (a little late for Christmas but should also be the last one really) is that they were soooo good and lovely and Christmassy. And I have the Halloween ones left for tonight ;)

I ran into the Halloween ones around (you guessed it!) Halloween but they looked too cute to make. Yeah, bizarre reasoning I know... so when I found the Christmas ones, I just had to test them. After all, I could totally mess up the Christmas ones *grin*. The pack came with everything, it was perfect :)

Check it out! It had the dough, the icing, sprinkles, writing icing, cupcake holders, the lot :)

They came with GREEN cupcake holders :) The Halloween ones have purple ones, I cant wait!

Mixed the dough with some eggs...

Mmmmm, they look yummy already!

Add some icing... definitely not my best work, my icing skills need to be improved I think...

Then added the snowflake sprinkles and tried to make them look like the pack (which completely failed) but they sure tasted good!! I think I ate most of them hihihi...

Now I am confident that I can make the Halloween ones also. I had never actually made cupcakes before, only muffins, so now that I kind of know what to do, we'll be having Halloween cupcakes for dessert tonight :) And then I hope I can find this for Valentine and Easter too LOL. Keep an eye out in oyur supermarket, these are the best!!

I have to do some work now, but if I dont blog anymore today, have a wonderful evening and a very Happy New Year!! *big hugz*

I made the Halloween ones for New Year, check them out they are so cute!



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