Christmas Party with Work

Hi all,
No, my Christmas posts have not yet come an end but I am trying to condense it all a bit so that I can star the new year all fresh. Plus I havent actually created something in a about a week so this helps fil the gaps ;)

As always, work also had a Christmas party but due to snow in Europe not everyone could attend. So the bf was invited last minute also, hurray! The evening was at Cirque de Noel in London which was a very nice venue. A little rushy with the food but otherwise no complaints. I wanted to share some pics of the night with you:

It was in an actual circus tent!

During dinner there were acts like girls hanging from hoops

And from silk ropes coming out of the ceiling

The tables were decorated simple but nice (am so going to steal this idea)

And more entertaining during dinner

It was a black tie event but as it was FREEZING outside, I chose my warm velvet dress.
So glad I did that :)

We didnt have secret Santa but we do give presents amongst ourselves in our team and I made this Stitch London Bag for one of the girls at work. She fell in love with it immediately :)
Although I have to admit that I was close to keeping it for myself also hihi

For some other colleagues I made tissue holder, made with this fantastic tutorial. Well, I can only link to the blog where I got the pattern as I have the pdf but the author asked in her post to not share the pdf but link back to the blog directly.
I have to admit that these were my first one and only the red one came out in the right size, but my colleagues liked them anyway :)

I also sneakily made one for myself in the same colours as the Stitch London Bag
(just dont tell my colleague, pssstt!)

And then it was time to head back home through the snow. We were in luck and the tube line we needed was working. Alas, all the snow is gone now and I have yet to build a snowman before the year is out! Argh! *panic* But I had a lovely evening :)


  1. Your thoughtful gifts were just beautiful! You chose some gorgeous fabrics for those. one of you has longer hair?
    (Sam sported a tail until 2 years ago!)


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