Easy DIY Star Wars Tshirts

Oh my, it is December!!! And I havent even finished showing you my projects from the weekend! You can see why I was so busy this weekend LOL. Since it is also my nephew's birthday, I made them some Star Wars tshirts to match their bathrobes :)

I bought some basic tshirts at my usual shop (and they even had the right size this time!) in two different colours:

Then I used my lovely wonderweb and leftover Star Wars fabric to make them cool tshirts. This is the result:

The front

The back.

I went with a Jedi theme for both tshirts as I didnt have a different Yoda on hand and this way they wont argue. Or so I hope... hahaha...

I love this wonderweb stuff! I now want to raid my closet and add appliques to all my tshirts! It's so simple and not to mention inexpensive if you have the right fabric on hand :)

If you dont know how to use Wonderweb yet or make appliques, just go to this website, it saved my project!

Oh yes, my niece is getting a book so I havent forgotten her! Just in case you were wondering LOL.


  1. Star wars fabric? I totally need that for the Jedi in my life. Where do I get it? And who do I have to kill to get one of those t- shirts?


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