Friday, 30 July 2010

Dutch Apple Sauce Recipe

As promised, here is the recipe for Dutch Apple Sauce. Dutch apple sauce is usually eaten cold and very different from English (and thus horrible) apple sauce which is eaten warm. One of the typical uses of apple sauce in Holland is to eat it with fries and chicken. May sounds bizarre but it is oh so yummy! So get your kitchen ready, because here we go:

You will need:
  • 1 kg cooking apples
  • 100 grams sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • water

Wash the apples, peel them, and remove the cores.

Cut them into parts.

Put the apple pieces in a pan and add some water. The amount of water depends on your pan, for my pan which is about 15cm in diameter I add about 3cm of water.

Cook the apple pieces for about 10 mins on a small flame until soft.
See the pictures below for the progress.

It looks more like sauce already!

Once you have the consistency as shown above, add the cinnamon and the sugar

Stir well while adding the cinnamon and sugar

The colour will change a bit because of the cinnamon. Cook for a few minutes more so that the sugar dissolves well (dont forget to stir) and then let it cool down. If it is too sweet for your liking, add some lemon juice. I usually add a squirt of it, it doesnt need to be fresh juice, bottled will do fine.

You can of course have more of a compote, but for real apple sauce just blend it a little bit until nice and smooth. I just love my hand blender! The apple sauce will be all smooth :)

Once cooled down, put the sauce in jars and place in the fridge. It will hold for about a week (more if you add some orris root) and can be eaten warm or cold.

And there you go! Quick, easy and oh so yummy. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good Things and Bad Things

It has been an eventful week to say the least... As you may have noticed, I have only made the jeans since Sunday which is really not a lot for me considering my usual schedule and passion for creating. So I wanted to share my week with you, a week in which both good things and bad things happened.

As seems to be the usual way to go, let's start with the bad things first. Here we go... *takes deep breath* Not only am I currently undergoing some stressful and seriously demotivating moments at work with regard some much needed recognition and all that goes with that (this started at the end of last week and is still ongoing), I have also been diagnosed with MS last Tuesday. Yes really... after months of tests and uncertainty, I finally have a result. Not quite the one I have been hoping for but nonetheless. I am still waiting for a second opinion and stuff but I have been told that it is 98.6% certain.

Normally I wouldnt post about this, but on the other hand this is something that is going on in my life right now and I wanted to share this so that it might make it easier for me to come to terms with. I mean, I didnt expect to have a lifelong illness! So should anyone read this who has advice or experience with this thing, please email me :)

Now, for the good news :) Last weekend I was in the shopping centre and I passed Jessops, a shop dealing in photo equipment, and I saw the cutest camera bag.

Acme Made Antik Pillow Case For Cameras - Wet Purple

 Yes, I thought, I could make this myself but it would only be fabric and not very sturdy. And this one was purple and girly but not too girly. So I decided after having been saving for so long I would allow myself this treat of £14. After standing in line for nearly 20 mins with one person in front of me and four members of staff happily roaming the store without letting me pay, I put it back and left the store. I mean seriously... welcome to the UK and their great customer service... Once I got back home, I went on amazon and checked the same camera bag online. Not only was it £7 but as I still had a £5 voucher, I only spent £2 on it! That is a difference of £12! Yay for frugal! :) Plus as I have just seen, the price has gone up now to nearly £10 instead of £7 so it was a really good deal :)

Then this afternoon I found out that I won a prize via a sewing group on Facebook! I even had the chance to pick my prize :) There was a voucher and lots of books but as the voucher was for a shop that doesnt really do many fabrics I like and the books I wouldnt use at the moment, I chose some mystery fat quarters. Lets see what will arrive :)

I have also found out how to pre-blog and have the post actually on the right day so in future I can pre-blog without making a mess of things. :) Tomorrow I will share a recipe for Dutch applesauce by the way, it is just cooling off so I can take the last few pics.

So, it's been an interesting week... I am soooo looking forward to the weekend (I think the bf agrees since he is currently snoring on the sofa). Thanx all for listening and I promise to have many projects up again soon!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

One Old Pair of Jeans = 2 New Outfits

There once was a pair of jeans, super comfy and cool-looking with a flared 70s style look. Oh how I loved them! I bought them in China in 2003 and they were just the best:

Due to our dress code at work I could only wear them once a week and even then I kept tripping over the flared legs. Then, I had an idea :) The legs were wide enough to make a skirt and I also needed some new shorts. So I cut them up. Yes, I cut up my favourite jeans! But check out what I did with them.

Remember my trip to Surrey Farm Market? The lovely Libby Rose gave me some fabric scraps of this fantastic skull/rose cotton that I really wanted to use on these jeans. Of course the scraps would look better in black... mmm, what to do! Oh yes, jeans are cotton so jeans can be dyed! :) Enter DYLON. The Dylon story is a whole story on its own as I could only get it in one store which closes 30 mins after I finish work and I had to hurry. With my busy schedule from last week there was no way I could make that but luckily in the last minute I found another store that also sold the dye so I was home free. Anyway, I cut the jeans and dyed the shorts bit black. As they werent 100% cotton they didnt come out 100% black, more of the really dark blue but it still looks good. I then added a rim of the skull/rose fabric to the bottom edges (no ruffles!) and also some appliques on the top where the old design still showed. And behold, my new shorts:

I really like the bottom bit as it is still girly with the trim but not too girly as they're not ruffled.

One side of applique. I ironed them on with fusible webbing and then zigzagged them to make sure they wouldnt fray.

I chose a more flowery option for the other side.

I know, I cant believe I am posted a photo of my bum on the internet, but check out these pockets! The appliques are possibly a little too long but it was the only way I could get in the whole print.

Remember the HRC t-shirt makeover (actually go check it out as I have added new pics to the post that I have only just found)? Today was the perfect weather to wear both these new shorts and the HRC top so of course I had to take a picture! Ok, so I made two but I'll post the other one on the bottom of this post as to not to completely spam you hahahaha.

Of course, we're not done as there is still the skirt to make. I took about the entire week to do this as work was mad busy and for some reason it just wouldnt work. But I think I did it. Basically, I just cut off the legs to make the short above, the opened them up on one side and sewed the whole thing together. At first I was going to add a zipper and make all pretty but in the last minute I changed my mind and just put some elastic in the top. I did add a band for that out of some floral fabric that I had leftover and also added the same fabric on the bottom to hide the worn off edges (I'm sure I'm not the only one who constantly steps on the edges LOL). I'm not 100% convinced yet but I dont think I will change anything about it as it does look very cute. It just needs some extra finishing but nothing major. So what do you think?

See how I chose to make the lines come in instead of going out? I just liked it better this way plus the 'star' bit would have been to thick to sew under my sewing machine.

It was amazing difficult to get a good photo of this but this will have to do for now. I still think it looks cute :)

And so I have finished another project. I really hope I can work on my steampunk outfit tomorrow as I havent done anything about it for a while now and I also need to get the flight and the tickets etc... OMG... But at least for now I have new shorts and a new skirt and it only cost me about £4 in Dylon (which I also used to dye a top for the bf so basically only £2). I'm pleased!

Yes, very happy that this project is also done (and clearly in love with new shorts). I just love 'pimping' clothes right now and am even planning to hist yet another meetup event to help others do the same. I mean, why bother with ebay or charity shops if you can give your clothing a new life just by adding some stuff to them? Anyway, nearly midnight, time for bed!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fabric Swap with Sewing Group *stress*

Blogging before work might not be the best idea LOL. But I really wanted to blog about this fabric swap I organised yesterday. As you might know, I am a member of the sewing meetup group and sometimes (this was my 2nd time) I organise a meetup as well. Last time everything went great, not so much this time... I had it all planned out, a lovely meetup in the park with a picnic and sunshine and happy people, the lot. Then someone asked me what to do when it rains. Good point, especially as it's London and nothing ever works weather-wise. So I checked the forecast daily since Saturday and every time: pouring rain on Wednesday, just when I wanted to do my lovely meetup. Contingency plan created, a bit last minute as I really didnt think about indoor locations, I moved the whole thing indoors. Sadly, due to some administrative issues with the website and the actual owner of the group being on holidays and forgetting to give me organiser rights to this particular meetup, I couldnt change the venue in the actual thing. I tried everything, contacting the helpdesk, the several organisers... In the end I just bombarded everyone with emails letting them know the new location and writing comments on the main page etc, only to find out last night that: IT'S A BRIGHT AND SUNNY EVENING! Needless to say I was not impressed. Sure, sun is great, but I didnt think to say 'if it rains we go here, if it's sunny we go there'. I just assumed it would rain as per the forecast and moved the whole thing. So there goes my lovely picnic in this wonderful weather... Then it turns out that my location ofchoice is having an event going on so I need to be in the upstairs coffee place instead of the downstairs bar. Sadly this whole admin disaster also meant that from the 7 confirmed people and 4 maybes, only 3 people showed up in total. INCLUDING ME! But we got some nice fabrics anyway so that was good. We all got to get rid of some stuff we would never use and got some nice new goodies in return. But still, the amount of stress this whole thing involved was seriously not funny. Oh yes it gets worse, today I have a meeting with the entire higher management of my company to sort out some issues. And as my boss is away I am running the whole thing... *steam coming out of ears*

Check us out swapping fabrics at the coffee place. Yes, I am the culprit who brought all the velvets LOL

My swapped goodies, cotton, jersey, some velvet (I couldnt resist) and something unknown (top left), I was also bizarrely attracted to some peach lining.

Luckily, one good thing happened also but technically that was on Tuesday evening and that was that my sewing cookie cutters arrived! I got them off ebay and had to pay about £10 with shipping which was a little pricey but they are just so cute and I have no idea where to fnd them here. I was going to bake them for last night's meetup but it was too warm on Tuesday night to have the oven on so maybe next time (when I will organise one in the weekend and in the park LOL). Arent they the cutest??

They came in a lovely gift box

Mini scissors, a sewing machine, a thimble, a thread thingy (cant think of the word right now) and a basket. How cute! Am so going to make the thread with chocolate icing so it looks like real thread :)

OK must dash, am so late for work and am still in my PJs. Dont think management will approve...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Happy Birthday Sister!!

Yes yes, the post says Sunday but I pre-blogged so all I had to do was 'post' during the week when I would be really busy. Little did I know that all the posts would have their original date of Sunday?? Anyway, it is now Tuesday and yesterday was the birthday of my lovely big sis :) I couldnt post this yesterday however, as her presents were still in the mail... Remember the teaser blog post of a few days ago? Well, I she has them today because I really want to post this :) I made three presents for her, all of which I hope have arrived safely and in one piece. First, I made her one of the clutch bags as I still had all this 'sister fabric' leftover from some quilted pillows I made for her one Christmas. Of course decorated with my trademark yoyo-rosettes:

I also made her
arm warmers as she works in a store and it can get really cold in winter there. My friend from work has given me some fabric that her mother wasnt using anymore and this was just perfect for my sis who loves blue and country.

The seam goes under the arm so you wont see it when wearing them but this was the best way I could show the gloves. Also, as this is actually jersey, it stretches so they should fit her *crosses fingers*. I also made a little gingham bag to carry them in.
And last but not least, I found this great blog post by Bird Crafts who made this gorgeous flower! I just loved it and thought it would be perfect for my sister. I did change it a little bit in that I dindt use floral tape but plan electrical tape and also used tulle instead of moss. When clicking on the link, you need to scroll down until you find the project as she doesnt index her blog so seperate blog entries cannot be linked to. Anyway, this is my version of her flower:

I added a bow on the pot and of course yet another yoyo-rosette. :)
So Happy Birthday Mel and I hope you like your presents!

Girly Clown Costume - Detailed Photos

Today I wore the cardigan (it only took my 2 days to remember this word rather than 'vest' which is actually the Dutch word for it *hastily changes the word in yday's blog*) from yesterday's knit sweater makeover to work and everyone loved it *huge happy smile*. They said it looked very officey :) And it was so comfy and the perfect warmth for our extremely airconditioned office. So it is definitely a hit! Am so pleased!

I had some lovely comments on my pictures of the ClownCon, thank you so much! For most people who know me IRL, this was not the first time they had seem the outfit, and I do hope I didnt post too many pics of myself, or rather of 'Bubbles the Clown' as is my name for this day only ;)
So I thought I'd post some more pictures of the outfit itself, so you can see the actual details etc. I came up with the idea for this outfit while surfing the net for 'girly clowns'. I drew inspiration from one particular website, sadly of which I dont remember the name. I still had some fabrics lying around and the only thing I had to buy were the pompoms. I started off with making the trousers. It's a real shame I cant remember the website, I could show you the original idea! Anyway, I used 'diaper wrap trousers' as my pattern as I had no idea at the time how to make trousers, it was after all 2008. (Diaper wrap trousers are the trousers you wrap around yourself like a diaper and wear to the beach. I have no idea what they're really called). I added some ruffles on the bottom and sewed on pockets on the sides for stuff like cash and Tube Card etc. Of course when the top layer is worn as well, you cant see the detail but at least my stuff is safe. Everything is elasticated so comfy and practical. I embellished with some pompoms and my clown pants were done :) (sorry for the use of GB and US English, I tend to say 'pants' more than 'trousers' but the meaning is quite different here so I try to distinguish the two LOL)

Then I made the top layer of the costume. It's basically a skirt with 4 layers of petticoat in pink and green with a front piece not unlike an apron. The petticoat bits were sewn all at the same time so it is not as poofy as I intended but it turned out for the best as this is more practical. I added a flower on the front (my first ever rosette LOL) and my mother's fun buttons. The pink fabric is kind of like taffeta and has a very delicate star print. I found it somewhere for £1 meter and just had to have it, even though it was pink. I added the pompoms around the stars.

The whole point of all these layers was that I could wear bits of it at a time and didnt have to wear the full costume if the weather was against it. So I also made pockets on the skirt as well with a combination of the two remaining fabrics (which btw I got at the charity shop for about £2 for two huge pieces).

The back shows the crossing straps. These can be fully removed for easy washing and ironing :) How ingenious am I? ;)

At a different charity shop, I found this top for I think £2 or £3. I just added pompoms to the sleeves as the rest would be obscured by the dress anyway.

Yes the second half should have been upright, oops. The collar I made by sewing two round donut-shaped pieces on top of each other (no proper hemming, just a zugzag stitch at the end) creating a tunnel for the elastic. It's comfy and loose and looks great as a finishing touch.

Yes, this also came from the website. I really must find this and give the credit where it belongs... I mean, I had my inout of course but the real idea came from this person whom I can sadly not credit :(
One day, I will buy girly clown shoes also. The pair I want are these, but when I was in the Garment District in Boston, they only had the blue version and they dont sell them at all in the UK. Oh well, one day... in the mean time I will just use my current pink shoes. Oh yes, I totally forgot to photograph the bows! They were on the hanger already while everything else just came out of the wash and I totally forgot to take a photo of the whole outfit with the bows... But as it is, this is the outfit without the bows that go around the neck and in the hair:

Just imagine the bows ;) So yes, I wanted to show you the outfit properly and in detail as I am quite proud of it. I think I made this in two days or so and especially for ClownCon. No wonder I won the prize for 'Cutest Clown' if I say so myself ;) Sadly enough the Fancy Dress Meetup Group that used to organise Clown has now been disbanded but I think a few clowns will want to keep this day going at least. Let's hope so because I really want to wear this again :)

PS: Argh, why is this post dated Sunday while I am writing this on Monday??

HRC T-shirt Makeover

It is Wednesday evening and I just got back from the Fabric Swap I organised for sewing group. Due to some administrative difficulties it a LOT more stressful than it should have been but it all worked out and I got some nice new fabrics. I have photos of my new goodies but it's late and I want to go to bed soon. Instead, I will share my HRC T-shirt makeover with you that I pre-blogged about last Sunday (so it will show up dates Sunday rather than Wednesday, stupid blog...). So here we go:

Last weekend was supposed to be a creative weekend. I had basically planned to work on my steampunk outfit since I only have time until mid September which is only about 2 months away. OMG just thinking about it makes me panicky... But somehow actually starting something from scratch really didnt feel right so I decided to revamp some things I had stashed in a great big pile with 'to mend/change' glowing all around it. Not literally of course *grin*. In October last year, I finally booked my dream vacation and visited Salem, Massachussetts around Halloween time. Sadly this was before my blogging time but maybe I will post about that someday. I visited Boston, Salem, Cambridge (though I suppose that is part of Boston), and Providence. While in Boston, I met up with an old friend whom I hadnt seen in 11 years and who had gotten married and had a new baby. Well, not really new but since I hadnt seen him for so long, new for me. His wife was very sweet and took me out Halloween shopping (I was there 2 weeks before Halloween and already things were sold out!) and showed me this great discount fabric store to buy fabrics for the long awaited quilt. Yes, I should really get started on that one day... Anyway, one day in Boston I had just done the Freedom Trail and was going to meet the wife halfway up (I wasnt planning on doing the full trail, we were only going to walk up until where the trail crosses the bridge. Lucky for me, the Hard Rock Cafe was pretty much on the trail, right by the big food court. I used to collect HRC t-shirts, but I had to buy them on the spot myself. I used to own them from all over the place like Amsterdam, Berlin, Beijing, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris... for a long time I had tons... Then I decided I had enough and sold them all, or most of them as some were just to nice to sell or give away. I kept the Sydney and Paris ones. Then, in June 2008, I visited San Francisco for the first time and they had to coolest HRC top there. Slowly but surely, in the years I had stopped collecting, the girly range of HRC had expanded. Yay! So I slowly started to collect again... Being in Boston, of course I had to have a look, but sadly only to find out that their girly section had totally gone awful! They had pink shirts (yes girly but waaay too girly for me) and tops with print along the belly which really drew attention to where you didnt want it. Well, unless you have a washboard of course. After browsing for about 30 mins (and mysteriously enough not driving the sales guy crazy, though it was 11am and the place was very much deserted), I decided to just buy a normal t-shirt and pimp it when I got home. And last Sunday was the day :)

The 'before picture' As you can see it is really just a plain square t-shirt.

I didnt post a tutorial because I only sortof knew what I was going to do with this. In the end, I tailored the shirt a bit, leaving the bottom as it was but taking in the sides so that I ended up with a fitted shirt but one that was still nice and long. I then took the tshirt 'up' as I sewed up the top part to make the arms fit better. So instead of taking out the sleeves and putting them back in, I just made the top hem bigger. Saved so much time! As I was going to cut the neckline anyway, it didnt matter how the neck came out. I cut the neck the same on both sides (more by accident really) and cut the front down a tiny bit more. I couldnt cut it too much as I wanted to keep as much of the print as possible. I then cut the sleeves as well and used shirring elastic to make girly puff sleeves. I didnt hem the sleeves or the neckline, having chopped off collars of t-shirts before and that never seemed to have been a problem. I now have my spanking new (and never worn yet!) HRC Boston t-shirt. I LOVE IT! I'm so going to wear this on our next 'casual Friday' at work :) I just found the picture of the t-shirt on the HRC website, very good 'before' picture. So this was the actual t-shirt, remember?

And this is my version of it. What do you think?

The front (self-timer again, am trying here)

The back. As you can see, I managed to keep the entire print, even if only just :)

I think that in real life and with a better photo it will look actually more tailored, especially as I wont be wearing my other clothes underneath it then LOL. I'm absolutely loving this top!! *huge happy smile* Oh yes by the way, walking the rest of the Freedom Trail with Suzanne was a ton of fun :) I have Facebooked her this link so I hope she reads it. Thanx for everything, I will post about the quilt hopefully before Halloween *wink*

Knit Sweater Makeover

I have enjoyed this weekend so much!! After weeks of hard work (super stressful times at work), people visiting and things like ClownCon 2010, I have had zero creative time. So instead of going to the Festival of History as we had planned (while secretly hoping for rain so we had an excuse to stay home), we spent a wonderful weekend at home. Even if it didnt rain ;)

Last night, after having to watch many many hours of Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series, we watched Julie & Julia which the bf had just given me on DVD :) Maybe some of you remember my first ever blog and will remember that this movie was actually my inspiration for starting a blog. It sadly also made me realise that instead of blogging about my own stuff, I have become addicted to blogland and am creating things that have been shared on other people's blog. There are just so many wonderful things out there! This does result in the fact that my list of projects has about doubled and my steampunk outfit is nearly non-existant (let alone my new medieval dress) as many of these fabulous projects can be done in only a few hours rather than a few days or months like the Mombi dress. Not that I am complaining, but I do feel like I lost the thread of my bloglife a little bit. But not to fret (as Kaylee would say in Firefly LOL), now that I know this I will try to post more of my own creations and not just re-creations of other bloggers ideas. Somehow I have the feeling like the above didnt really come out right as I basically want to say: thank you for all your wonderful projects, my fellow bloggers! I just need to become of the creators rather than the copiers.

Anyway, now that we have this out of the way, let me share with you one of the projects that I have finally finished this weekend. Since we got to spend 2 days inside, I got so much done!

A few weeks ago (and I am still recovering from it haha), my sister visited. I took her to Primark which is a little like Target I suppose, they have lots of clothes for really cheap and I just live shopping there. As we went there mainly for her (they dont have this shop in Germany where she lives) I tried not to buy too much. Still, there was this gorgeous knit sweater in a fantastic shade of purple that I just had to have and it was only £4! Still, a little much as my budget right now requires zero spending but I just fell in love with the colour. I didnt try it on, just picked my usual size, so didnt notice untul we got home that it was way too big! And ugly too. OMG why would I ever spend £4 on this? No offence to the Primark people but as I am not yet 70, I really didnt see why I would ever buy this...

I have no idea why the picture shows the fabric all patchy but there is nothing I can do about that. This weekend, I finally decided to pimp the sweater :) I had found a tutorial somewhere a while ago that I liked and decided to use this for inspiration. Ruffles are so not my thing but what else to do? First I wanted to just stretch-hem the entire thing but that would have looked way messy.

So I cut off the collar and the bottom and arm hems. I then used this ribbed hemming to make the ruffles. It was just enough to cover the collar that was left :) I then stretch-hemmed the remaining front and bottom to make it look all frilly and girly. I wanted a cardigan to wear at work with long sleeves but the design of this sweater just made it look awful so I chopped off the sleeves to 3/4 length for a much cuter look. I stretch-hemmed (is that even a word?) these also and added a button in the front (covered by the ruffles) so I could close it. All in all, I'm quite happy with the result. It looks cute, is super comfortable and the colour is as gorgeous as ever :) Oh yes, as ruffles are REALLY not my thing, this makeover took me nearly half the weekend rather than 30 mins. It just wouldnt work!

You can really see the colour here as I tried not to use flash

Ok the angle here is awful but it was done with the self timer. I'm quite thin really ;)

What do you think? At first I was planning on added ribbon to cover the ruffle hems but I kindof like that everything only has one colour... Thanx Sachiko for your inspiration!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

All THREE Presents done!

It's my sister's birthday on Monday and due to the extremely busy week I had two weeks ago and my friend D. visiting last week for a few days (while I also had to work so was super busy trying to combine the two) I didnt really have much time to focus on her presents. I am trying to make presents as much as I can and I knew exactly what I was going to make for her :) As she also reads this blog, I cant give away too much, especially as I have only finished them today and they wont reach her until at least Tuesday (always late, me). But I took a couple of sneeky picture to give you an idea.

Present #1, extremely cute idea I found in blogland.
Link will follow of course when I can post the full pictures.

Present #2, one of my previous projects. Of course decorated with my trademark rosette :)
I hope she'll like it!

Present #3, also something I made once or twice before.
But this time in my sister's favourite colours :)

More pics on Tuesday when I know she has received them! (And hopefully they will arrive in one piece or dont break while unwrapping)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

ClownCon 2010 - a Day of Clowning About

It was warm, oh so warm... And Clown was on! To be honest, I nearly didnt go but in the end I decided that clowning about was too good to miss LOL. I joined the Fancy Dress Group for the first time in 2008, of course with a brand new costume that I spent a few days making with lots of leftovers:

I actually won 'Cutest Clown' that year :) The weather was perfect and in the end we ended up in Trafalgar Square with a ton of clowns which was a hoot.

In 2009, the weather was worse, we arrived when it was cloudy and in the end it actually started raining which made us all move to the pub... Luckily at the time there were a few photographers who took some really nice pictures, one of which is this one that I love:

The hair and the makeup had changed from the previous year but the costume was of course the same. I mean, how many times does one get the wear a clown outfit? LOL

And then it was 2010, last Saturday, yesterday... OMG it was hot... some of the costume had to go as the whole thing has about 3 layers for the top alone and I surely wasnt going to faint again! Right before going, I was messing about with the webcam which was funny:

So I didnt wear the extra braided dreads to poof the hair up a bit and all the thirts went so I ended up wearing a plain tanktop under the dress and painted my arm with flowers to match the face makeup. No tights of course as that would have been way too warm... Oh yes, I also wore my contact :)

This is part of the group. There were A LOT less clowns than usual but I think the heat has to do with it as well... It was over 30C! The photo above shows my costume quite well, but just in case here is another one:

One guy dresses as a pantonime every year and he is just so funny:

I have a ton of other photos of the clowns but am not sure if they're really blog appropriate LOL. So let's just stick to these ones ;) Well after all, it was the weekend and alcohol was involved. Everyone was a little disappointed as I was my usual goody goody self and drank juice (after all, I am such a lightweight...) and had to leave early to join the bf at another party. But it was fun and clowny :)

Last year, my friend P. gave me some pink shoes as I only had runners to wear with the costume. This year I finally managed to 'pimp' them a bit to match the dress:

Obviously, after last year's rain debacle, they were a little bit dirty but for a few hours they were ok. Also last year, I found this bag in the charity shop for only £1! It is so ugly that it is perfect for my clown outfit:

LOL so at least I could carry all the picnic items with me. I realised afterwards that the makeup wasnt really the same as before (the lips were not at all clowny) but it was too warm and at least we had tons of fun :) Until next year's ClownCon!

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