Fabric Swap with Sewing Group *stress*

Blogging before work might not be the best idea LOL. But I really wanted to blog about this fabric swap I organised yesterday. As you might know, I am a member of the sewing meetup group and sometimes (this was my 2nd time) I organise a meetup as well. Last time everything went great, not so much this time... I had it all planned out, a lovely meetup in the park with a picnic and sunshine and happy people, the lot. Then someone asked me what to do when it rains. Good point, especially as it's London and nothing ever works weather-wise. So I checked the forecast daily since Saturday and every time: pouring rain on Wednesday, just when I wanted to do my lovely meetup. Contingency plan created, a bit last minute as I really didnt think about indoor locations, I moved the whole thing indoors. Sadly, due to some administrative issues with the website and the actual owner of the group being on holidays and forgetting to give me organiser rights to this particular meetup, I couldnt change the venue in the actual thing. I tried everything, contacting the helpdesk, the several organisers... In the end I just bombarded everyone with emails letting them know the new location and writing comments on the main page etc, only to find out last night that: IT'S A BRIGHT AND SUNNY EVENING! Needless to say I was not impressed. Sure, sun is great, but I didnt think to say 'if it rains we go here, if it's sunny we go there'. I just assumed it would rain as per the forecast and moved the whole thing. So there goes my lovely picnic in this wonderful weather... Then it turns out that my location ofchoice is having an event going on so I need to be in the upstairs coffee place instead of the downstairs bar. Sadly this whole admin disaster also meant that from the 7 confirmed people and 4 maybes, only 3 people showed up in total. INCLUDING ME! But we got some nice fabrics anyway so that was good. We all got to get rid of some stuff we would never use and got some nice new goodies in return. But still, the amount of stress this whole thing involved was seriously not funny. Oh yes it gets worse, today I have a meeting with the entire higher management of my company to sort out some issues. And as my boss is away I am running the whole thing... *steam coming out of ears*

Check us out swapping fabrics at the coffee place. Yes, I am the culprit who brought all the velvets LOL

My swapped goodies, cotton, jersey, some velvet (I couldnt resist) and something unknown (top left), I was also bizarrely attracted to some peach lining.

Luckily, one good thing happened also but technically that was on Tuesday evening and that was that my sewing cookie cutters arrived! I got them off ebay and had to pay about £10 with shipping which was a little pricey but they are just so cute and I have no idea where to fnd them here. I was going to bake them for last night's meetup but it was too warm on Tuesday night to have the oven on so maybe next time (when I will organise one in the weekend and in the park LOL). Arent they the cutest??

They came in a lovely gift box

Mini scissors, a sewing machine, a thimble, a thread thingy (cant think of the word right now) and a basket. How cute! Am so going to make the thread with chocolate icing so it looks like real thread :)

OK must dash, am so late for work and am still in my PJs. Dont think management will approve...


  1. "She's crafty"- hey there just stopping by from today's blog hop, i'm your newest follower, hope you stop by sometime, http://www.everymomhasherday.com

  2. Hey came over from the blog hop and loved your blog.
    Oh those pics look fun :)
    Coffee ( my favorite), friends and fabric!
    How KOOOOL!
    Come over to our new blog, its kind of new and kind of dorky but we like it!

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Friday Follows! Cool blog! I hope to see you at Dropped Stitches.

    xo Erin

  4. As if I needed more cookie cutters...this post alone is now sending me off on a hunt for sewing cookie cutters. Did you buy these locally? Can you email the website?


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