Easy Car Pillow from Noodlehead

Wow the whole 'let's get crafting' thing took a little longer than expected... I started making this car pillow on the 2nd of January that I saw a while ago on this website from Noodlehead. It is so cute!! I didnt take any how-to pictures as Anna's website is great in showing all the details.

Unfortunately, while making this pillow I developed this massive headache and with having to go back to work after the holidays, crafting was put on the low burner. I guess I have to take it easy for a while... But I was so close! Nearly finished... so I decided to try and see if I could sew a straight line, and finished putting on the other side of the pillow today.Yay me! The stuffing I could then do from the sofa so all was well :) The friend I made this for asked me not to use fiberfill, so I used some fabric scraps to stuff the pillow. Originally I used the scraps to make this anti-draft door thingy which then turned out to be way too small... This is my failed anti-draft door thingy:

I used some old tights and ribbon I still had left. It would have been perfect! If only a little bigger...

But no waste, this way I was able to use the scraps to fill up this car pillow. You curious yet about how mine turned out? This is it:

It's not as great as Anna's one is, but it is nice and colourful (and a bit more fraying woops). I think it looks really cute and I just hope that my friend likes it for her new son also... it is after all nearly a year late... but it is the first item I've made this year and keeping promises is the best way to start off the new year. Lets hope it will continue this way, hihi!

Now it's back to the sofa for me :) let's hope I'll be ok again soon because I have cupcake plans this weekend with Lauren!


  1. Be serious, that turned out adorable!The colors are awesome together.


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