Gorgeous Beaded Yoyo Hair Accessory

Woops, I didnt mean to post twice on one day LOL. I hope you managed to read both posts, my knit sweater makeover and my very cute brag book.

Today I made this very simple and extremely large hair clip using some yoyos. A while ago I made a ton of yoyos, maybe you remember? The whole collection kind of looked like this:

But there were actually more... I made this fantastic giant yoyo out of the same brown shiney material as I made the steampunk skirt. But I just didnt find anything to go with it... I didnt want the entire thing to be shiny so I just waited for inspiration to come. And that took a good few months... Then I went to the craft store and found a pack of fantastic heavy glass beads for only 29p! That's actually less than 10p per bead :) There was my inspiration :) I whipped up another yoyo quickly as of course I didnt have one in this fabric in the right size (the purple taffeta from the Mombi dress) and added the beads. I hot glued it to a hair clip and taadaa, my new hair clip :)

Dont you just love it? The beads are sooo pretty! And I think the colours came together really well :) It is my first hair clip where I used something else than buttons so I'm super proud!

Now I just have to find a matching outfit to wear ;) It doesnt go at all with the cardigan I made yesterday... Oh well I'm sure I will find something sooner or later. I still have some of that fabric so who knows what I will whip up for it ;)


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  2. Whoa, now that IS very pretty! I love the beads especially.

  3. You have an award at my site.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Just the right accessory for a night out!


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