Easy to Make Brag Book

For a while now people have asked me to show them stuff that I made. As you may know that's not always possible, especially when at work or somewhere in transit. But then I discovered this wonderful thing called a Brag Book. Did you know that it is totally acceptable to carry a picture book or photo album showing all the things you made and totally brag about it? Well, ok maybe let's call it sharing LOL ;)

I bought a small photo album in the Poundstore a while back and actually managed to get some pictures printed up. I got a really good deal at Boots where you can get 40 pics for free and only pay shipping when you join up. So I only paid £1.49 for 40 pics! That's a really good deal AND I didnt have to leave the house :). The album was way ugly with a balloon and a puppy on the front. No offence to balloons or puppies but it really wasnt my thing. Around Christmas I got some really cute wrapping paper with cupcakes and used the leftovers to cover the album. I dont have a tutorial or anything, I basically covered the album with Mod Podge, stuck the wrapping paper on and covered it with a few more layers of Mod Podge.

I made a small label out of pink paper (again with the pink, what is wrong with me?) and wrote 'Brag Book' on it, and then also mod-podged that onto the book. What do you think? It's it disgustingly cute? I just love the cupcakes!

I used the same pink paper (got this on sale as part of a decoupage pack I got for only 99p at the craft shop a while back) to cover the inside of the book by mod-podging it to th book and then again covering it again with a few layers of the same. As you can see I have already added some pics, showing my piece de resistance first of course ;)

So, really easy and it cost me a total of £2.49 including pictures :) Now that's a good deal! Plus I can now show everyone what I've done so far in case they ask. But I don't mean to brag ;)


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