Tooth Felties

Hi again!
Something more cheerful today than the graveyard ;) Although I do find visits (in daylight) very relaxing. Anyway... remember the Halloween felties I made from the tutorial on Paper and String?

Yes these :)

My friend at work said that the ghost looks like a tooth! Something I completely disagree with but it surely could be turned into one with a few minor adjustments... Her sister is a dentist and she asked me to make some tooth felties for her as a keyring. She wanted a good tooth and a bad tooth. Dentists... *shiver*

This is what I came up with! I used the original pattern from Paper and String as shown in the original felties post, and changed it a tad. I made a good tooth with white felt, black eyes, blue cheeks (they have to be squeeky clean after all), a smiling face, and a white ribbon with black dots. The bad tooth is made with light yellow felt, grey eyes, green cheeks, a sad face, and a black ribbon with white dots. I even has a hole in it!! I tried making the hole with just a 'spot' idea, but it looked horrible. I quite like it this way even though it may look a bit like a bow ;)

I was out of large keyrings, so I hung each tooth on a tiny keyring and then put them on yet another small one together. That way the sister can decide how and where she wants to use them without having to take anything apart. My friend loved them, I hope her sister will too!

Dentists... *shiver* Although this may be a nice Christmas gift idea to make for the people at the dental practice who were so kind to me when I had my treatment. Mmm... *lightbulb*


  1. VERY VERY CUTE! Love them!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)


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