Upcycled Sock Projects

Yes, still Halloweening away over here with my remaining Halloween projects :) Well this isnt really a Halloween project, this is just a upcycling project which just happens to use Halloween socks! Hahaha, yes it's a sock post :)

I had this mountain of faboulous Halloween socks that all had holes and I just refused to throw these away. I have more but those are still ok for now ;)

After months of scouring the internet for cute projects to make with socks, I finally decided to go for it and the big scissors came out. It's amazing how few cool sock projects are actually out there! All I found were sock monsters/animals which I really didnt want to make, door snakes (also not useful at the moment) and gloves. Ok, the glove idea I did try. Not great but the idea is good. In the end I decided for this:

I made hand warmers and lavender bags!

The hand warmers are on the bottom, two of each using my favourite prints of these socks. I filled them with plain rice to microwave and put in my pocket once this bound-to-be-near-Ice-Age-freezing winter will start.

The lavender bags you can see in the back of the picture. With all the costumes I have, moths are having a field day in my closet, and I read online that lavender helps against moths so I bought some lavender in the herb shop. I used the tops of all the socks with the fold-over rims (so I cut them just above the heel), sewed the bottom shut, and wove a ribbon through the sock just underneath the rim, then tied up the ribbon. The remaining two purple ones are the bottom of the same socks. I couldnt use the toe section as that was the broken part, so I did the same as above just without the folded print covering the ribbon. I put the bags in drawers and hung some on hangers in the closet to keep the moths away.

So now I have rice bags to keep my hands warm in winter, lavender bags to keep the moths away, and all with my very cool Halloween-print socks which I have now saved from landfill :) Whoohoo!

Plus I'm sure that lots of you have great ideas for socks that are not bags, gloves, rice bags, and sock puppets. If yes, then please share as I still have some left!


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