Halloweening - Upcycled Spider Pots

Hi all!
For most of you, Halloween is over now as November has started and people are starting on the Christmas preparations or maybe even Thanksgiving, depending on their location. Well, in the UK we dont celebrate Thanksgiving, nor in the Netherlands for that matter, and I dont really have a lot to prepare for Christmas. So I say now, am sure that in three weeks I will be panicking with all the stuff I still have to do LOL. But for now, stick with me, I still have some Halloween projects to share and I really dont want to wait until next year, who knows if I will remember? So just give me this one...

Today I want to share with you my spider pots that I made for work. You are probably wondering what a spider pot is doing in the office... Well, to put stuff in of course! I always use this really ugly plastic box that used to hold business card to put paperclips and stuff in. I only have the one box so everything is always nice and mixed so that when I need something out of it, I never find it... Enter the spider pot :)

And this is why I call them spider pots :) One plastic cream pot, and two Mueller Rice pots, all washed and painted. I used normal house paint that I had leftover from last year's Halloween projects and sealed it with MP. This is the inside being painted first.

Two layers later I also painted the outside, in black to be highlighted later.

I added purple lines to where the grooves of the pot were anyway and lined them with silver glitter glue I still had from last year's Christmas projects.

In the top rim I added purple glitter glue from Hobbycraft (on sale!) and hot glued some tiny spiders on the rim and the sides (sides not shown here). The front pot contains some elastic bands and is currently stored in my bathroom since the bf keeps losing all the elastics LOL

The other two (the Mueller ones) are on my desk at work. Arent they cute? I love them! And aiming for them when throwing in some paperclips is much easier than that square old ugly box I was using before :)

See, they're filled already :)

This project was actually finished on Sunday night so the pots were on my desk on Halloween much to the amusement of my colleagues hihi. So technically it's still in time for Halloween :)

On another Halloween note, one of my friends from the zombie walk posted on FB about two nights before Halloween that they were selling the Hellraiser movies in Poundland (yes, £1 each, how cool is that!). So I ran over there and looked in three different branches but no movies. Pout... Ok so no matter, not like I needed them anyway. But then today when I was in Poundland and there they were! All 3 Hellraiser parts AND Children of the Corn! SCORE! Totally bad marketing by Poundland, especially since they have been selling these in branches in different parts of London weeks ago, but this time they were mine, all mine! And since the bf is away today, I am currently enjoying a Hellraiser marathon :)

£1 each, how cool is that! Even though it is the 5th of November and it's Guy Fawke's night, I will watch all of these and then maybe V for Vendetta just to stay in the spirit of the day ;)

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I know I will!


  1. It's awesome to see a project using old Muller rice pots! (I looove muller rice, but the pots aren't recyclable in my area!) Your repaint makes them awesome and perfectly halloweeny!
    Poundland is totally awesome for DVDs! It's too easy to go crazy on bargains in there :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! It's funny you're using the same sock as I used for my pincushion--and it proves what awesome taste we have! ;D

  2. Love your little spider pots! Very creative - and I like the glitter glue touch! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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