Halloweening - Cute Felties

Hello again everyone!
I had a lovely weekend :) The bf was away for a day and a bit and I got to laze around the house eating popcorn (which he hates me eating hihi). I hardly did any crafting but was still in the Halloween mood so I browsed around and found these pinned on my Pinterest board to make sometime:

Yes, this is the lovely tutorial from Paper and String, arent they the cutest!!

Now I have to warn you, my pics arent nearly this good, but I was just too lazy to use the mini studio we have to take decent pics, especially as I made these at 3am, courtesy of Starbucks' wonderful Toffee Nut Latte which I had way too late in the day.

These are the ones I made :) I used 'gold' felt for the pumpkin as the orange I had was much to neon. I also used purple for the bat as I just didnt have grey and after all, purple is my favourite colour ;) The ribbons I used are from mt favourite ribbon shop whose name I have just blanked out on, but if you read some older posts you will find it. The brads I bought a while ago in Hobbycraft after reading many lovely posts on Paper and String. I love them! I got rid of my old (disgracefully dishevveled) teddy on my keyring and replaced it with these cuties :)

I liked the bats so much that I made some more and added them to these ueberlarge hair clips. I havent tried them yet but that's what Fridays at work is for ;)

So I relaxed a lot, crafted a little, and had a lovely relaaaxing weekend. Hope you all had the same and managed to get through Monday alright!


  1. Cute little halloween crafts! - love the little purple bats!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Halloween creation you did, which is really marvelous. I also using same these theme for Halloween creation in any functions. That last photographs is best for unique idea.


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