Christmassing - Harrods Christmas Display 2011

Hi all!
Ooooh my very first 2011 Christmas post, how exciting!
You are not going to believe this but I am totally in the Christmas spirit right now :) Starbucks has their Christmas coffees (toffee nut latte, yumm!) which are amazing and immediately make my day :) Though maybe not so much when drunk after lunch, I tried that and went to bed at 4am LOL. Good thing it was a weekend! But having learnt this, I now get one before work and my day cannot be ruined :)

It was my friend's Jose's birthday a while ago and of course as per tradition I totally forgot about it. Oops... but I invited him for coffee and cake (his favourite) in Knightsbridge and we checked out the Harrod's Christmas display afterwards. It was lovely and very Christmassy which was perfect after the Christmass coffee :) Want to join me on a little tour?

This year the theme is 'Crystal Christmas' and really, they mean crystals!

Lots of mannequins in sparkly dresses in a sparkly forest. I posted this one on FB and lots of people thought this was me at first glance. LOL. Nope, I have much better taste in shoes ;)

I wasnt really sure what I thought about this dress, I think it's a little too Narnia, but the picture came out really well so I had to share :)

Some of the poses of the mannequins were a bit eh... compromising so I didnt photograph everything. This one made me laugh however, especially when both my friend and I titled this one 'Death by Jewellery'. I mean really, the guy looks like he just strangled the woman with her necklance...

The piece de resistance I think.. according to the newspapers this dress costs... wait for it... £230,000.00!! Yes, 230 THOUSAND pounds! (Thats nearly $370,000.00 for all US folks). OMG... It is stunning yes, but really not poofy enough for that amount of money I think... But then I guess it is the lack of fabric and the amount of Svarovski crystals on it ;) Here is a link to Vogue website showing the dress on an actual person and yes, it does looks amazing... The website actually says 'Inspired by the decadence of the Twenties, the Ralph & Russo-designed dress will be the centrepiece of the department store's Swarovski-sponsored window displays over the festive season'.

This was the ONLY purple dress in the display and that meant that I needed a picture. Somehow I posed and with some guidance from my friend, we managed to get this photo. I think it is hilarious!

Some tiny windows also had some sort of display, like this one. I just love this pic :) So cute!

As we went around the other side, we hit the food and drink section. Also sparkly, but a different kind of sparkly, more bubbly so to speak :) This dress reminded me of (of course) my leaf dress but this one was fraying already (I checked!). The pic is a killer though.

The Godiva chocolates display. Love the teacups everywhere, so cute!

Jose just wanted the chocolates ;)

We also saw this handbag/shoe display. Mmm, great idea if you have a large wall you're not using and lots of handbags and shoes :) They had this in pink as well but it was still being set up.

So I took my friend Jose out for coffee and cake and I took him around Harrods. LITERALLY around Harrods, we just walked around the outside of the building looking at the window display, hihi. But it was good fun and really nice weather for it.

Oh yes, remember these? I made these a few days ago and this was their first outing :) Everyone thought they were cats as the wings arent very visible. But I set them straight hihi...

Well, I hope you liked our Christmas trip around Harrods. Maybe next time I will go in, if I arrive when the shop is still open hihi!


  1. Amazing Christmas display! Thanks for posting some pics - it's never quite the same here in the heat!

    Just stopped by to let you know that I featured your spider headband on my round tuit post this week!
    Round Tuit 75
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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