Fabric Scrap Valentine Wreath

Hello again :)
It feels so good to be blogging again!!! As you may have read between the lines, I am currently between jobs. No, not yet unemployed but will be very soon so am looking for something new. It has taken me about two weeks to digest this as I was with my old company for 3.5 years, but I am slowly getting back to my normal self. As the next few weeks will be very busy, I had an early leaving do already and it was great fun. I felt so popular!

Late last night, when I had finished the votives and wanted to make something else as well, so I decided to make a wreath out of the massive amount of fabric scraps I have. I used only reds and pinks and I was shocked on how much I had leftover in those colours! Oh my... but plenty for my wreath :)

All I used was this: a metal coat hanger (so good that the bf needs to have suits dry-cleaned sometimes!) and a stash of fabric in the right colours.

I didnt use all of this, in the end I used mainly velvet and cotton fabrics, but it was good that I had so much to play with anyway :) I bent the hanger in the shape of a heart and started adding fabric strips. I chose the looping method rather than the tie method and it worked fine for me. Took a bit longer than I thought it would but I watched some girly romcom movies which was just in the spirit of things.

So after tying lots and lots of fabric strips to the coat hanger, this was the result :) It took a little bit of reshaping afterwards to get it into a nice heart shape, but I am quite pleased with it :) It may have a tiny bit too much fabric on it, but it seems to work.

I added a large bow in the middle from my ribbon stash. The wide ribbon is burgundy and satin, and the small bow is a red sparkle wired ribbon that I got as part of a pack of remnants. I mainly did this to cover the loop of the coat hanger where I attached the hanging ribbon also.

This is what it will look like tomorrow evening on the door. At the moment it is still hidden away so the bf doesnt see it yet ;)

This wreath has cost me exactly £0!! It was all made from items I still had on hand that were just lying around. I'm not entirely sure I will keep it after Valentine's Day, but I'm sure someone else can use it otherwise. Let's see what happens. For now, I am very pleased with my first made-from-scratch wreath. Do you like it also?

It's nearly Valentine and I still have to go shopping and prepare the menu... oh my... I'd better get started!!


  1. Really is a cute project but did look like a load of fabric needed.
    ~Naila Moon

    1. MJFeb 13, 2012 01:34 PM

      It actually wasnt too bad... in total I would say about 1.5 meters of scraps. I cant be precise as the scraps werent exactly square but all in all it would be about that. It was definitely half a meter of red cotton, the rest were really just remnants from various costumes. :)

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  3. Love it-I made one like it too and it's hanging on my front door.


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