Rammstein Concert, Oh Yeah!

Hi all,
I've been so busy!!! I kind of spontaneously decided to host an Oscar party/dinner for the bf and myself with a ton of food, decorations, quizzes, the whole shebang, so I've been running around preparing for the last few days. BUT not everything was stress and between the baking and planning and glueing, we went to see Rammstein. Yay!!! I've be
en wanting to see them live for ages, pretty much since I saw the movie XXX where there is a scene from their concert and it just looks amazing!

We were so lucky as one of our best friend's company has a box in the O2 arena, the major local concert venue, and he managed to get tickets. In the beginning I wasnt able to go but in the end there was a ticket for me too, I was so happy!!! I just have to share this with you, their show was great. Even my sister who doesnt like them at all had to admit that it was very cool when she saw the pics and videos :)

Arrival in style: in the box with catered food. This is the way to watch concerts!

The bf checking out the crowds gathering below...

The only picture of me of the night that came out remotely ok. But look, I was really there! In my very cool spider top.

Rammstein arrive in style. Carrying the English flag which I thought was a nice touch.

It's starting!!! And yes, it was sold out...

'Feuerfrei' (this was the part I remembered from XXX, so cool!)

Epic! I am really amazed that a non-English singing band became so famous. I think that really says something. Yes, I'm a fan :)

During 'Haifisch' the keyboard player went crowdsurfing in an inflatable rowing boat! The coolest! The picture is a bit blurry but check out this video I made of it:

I love this!

They also had a tiny stage in the middle of the crowd where they played some songs. I love this pic, it really shows the massive audience...

They dont need a huge stage to be fantastic really. Although I do love the big stage show also hihi :)

The encore with angel wings spouting fire. These wings actually folded when he went off stage at the end. Of course this is the kind of thing I would notice...

'Mein Herz Brent' video. Just to give you an idea ;)

Somewhat phallic looking foam spraying cannon. What do we learn from this? Dont stand in front at a Rammstein concert in your best clothes ;)

The end of The.Best.Concert.Ever!

I am still ecstatic that I was able to see Rammstein live, it was sooooo amazing!!!

Now I have to get back to my Oscar prep. I just realised that due to the time difference, we might not actually able to watch it live which kind of ruins my entire party but I think we may just watch one of the movies instead and then do the rerun tomorrow. I think last year it was later maybe and the time had already changed? I really cant remember... But planning this a bit earlier for us poor Europeans who have to work tomorrow would really help. Mmm, maybe an idea for the Guild? LOL. At least we'll have a fantastic meal tonight, all Oscar based :) Have a great Sunday!


  1. I am totally jealous! I have been a fan forever! Glad you had a great time!


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