Visit to Ripley's Believe it or Not

A few months ago, the bf and I went to Ripley's Believe it or Not in London. I had bought vouchers about 6 months prior to the visit and they were about to expire so I dragged the bf along for a visit. Have you ever been there? It is basically a museum of weird stuff.

They had this giant rocking chair that I just had to try :) Icouldnt really 'rock' as such as the chair was blocked against that (I imagine this is due to health and safety) but it was fun!

This was a portrait of Ripley made out of strings of beads. The crafter in me was pleased :)

Belt buckle display, well cool! This would not really go with the rest of my decor but it did give me some ideas...

This statue depicted the story of Christ on a human skeleton. As this is Ripley's, not sure how 'real' it was but it sure looked cool.

They even had Chinese shoes on display from the Manchurian bound feet era. It reminded me of the presentation I once held in college trying to explain the process. These would have been the feet of an adult woman. Gives me the shivers...

A bit further down (just passed the two-way mirror where you get to make fun of people) we saw this guy. There was a scale to compare your weight against this statue and the lady from the shop was nice enough to take our picture. See how light we are? This is in kg btw, we're not even 130kg together! :)

In the end I think there was something wrong, as I had a ticket for an extra bit of the museum but due to the noise at the entrance I didnt hear what it was exactly. Laser chase or mirror maze? Try saying it in a noisy room, it nearly sounds the same... So we chose the mirrors (the laser came after so we thought this was it). It was a mirror maze and I HATE mirror mazes. So I held on to the bf for dear life and he patiently guided us through the maze. I took the pic when we reached a dead end, hihi. But we made it out alive, phew!

Ripley's was not bad, but to be honest I would not have gone there without a voucher. The normal price is £27 which makes this pretty much the most expensive attraction in London. With my voucher I paid about £12 each or so that was acceptable and it was a touristy thing we hadn't done before, but I would have never paid full price for this. As it was, it was fun but I don't think we'll go again. We ended up with some cool pics though :)


  1. Ahh I keep meaning to go there, whenever I'm in London! The ticket price really puts me off, though =/ How long did it take to get around the whole thing?


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