Beaded Earrings!

Hello again everyone!
OMG I can't seem to get sewing... I have this patchwork lying around and I'm just too tired to do something with it... So in order to make something anyway, I spontaneously decided to make earrings. After m purchases at the Stitch & Craft Show at least I wasn't short of supplies ;) They're all very simple and they're just for me but I do like them. :)

 Yeah... I made more than just one pair ;) although I just added the green ones for fun as you've already seen those.

 Finally some earrings in purple :) I also managed to lose one today but I'm hoping that it's somewhere in the house as I don't have these lovely purple hears anymore...

 I'm sure I have an outfit that fits these, I just loved the colour!

 Yes these are pink. But not as pink as they could have been. If you look closely you can see the purple in the middle. I just loved the design and they go really well with the more girly tops I own ;)

 These are by far my favourite! They're better when they hang as the flower is really inside the bead somehow and it looks really nice then. I wear these most of the time :)

A little bit more blue than the ones above and a little different bead-wise, these are also adorable.

I have one more set of beads to make earrings from but they're really pretty and I haven't found the perfect bead combo yet to make them. But all in all, I think I'm not doing too bad for a beginner :) I'm also working on some Easter projects but it's so busy here right now with lots of last-minute lunches and one my sewing groups has just got sooo many meetings on. Yes I have to go as much as possible, who knows when I will get the next chance? But hopefully tomorrow I will be able to sleep in for a bit, whoohoo! Ok back to trying to fix my knitting as well. Too many projects....

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  1. het zijn stuk voor stuk schatjes! En je moet absoluut van die oorbelstoppertjes aanschaffen ! want het zou zonde zijn als je er echt eentje kwijt speelde !


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