The Grand Eggstravaganza in Covent Garden

Good evening my darling readers!
Are you ready for one final post about the egg hunt? LOL. Yes  just couldn't resist... and since it is still Easter Monday it is technically still ok ;) I can't tell you how much this egg hunt has inspired me for Easter. And I don't even celebrate this very much normally! Mmm, maybe they'll do something more Halloweeny next time, that will blow my Halloween decorations completely out of the water! But they probably wouldn't do that, right? Usually I just dye eggs and watch telly, but both this egg hunt and all of you in blogland have really made me love the egg shape. Hihi... When we were watching Hop the other day I couldn't stop staring at this wand-like item that the Easter Bunny was carrying. Ok this is getting a little bit worrying... one more post about eggs and then we have to move on to the next topic!

From the 3rd of April, all eggs that had been on display throughout London were gathered up and put together to be part of the The Grand Eggstravaganza in Covent Garden. I had to be in town anyway on the 3rd, so I happily made my way over there, thinking I wouldn't need to take any pictures since I'd done the actual hunt and surely I would now be cured of my egg fever. WRONG! The way they were displayed was brilliant so I could actually get some great photos of some of the eggs that were too far away or behind windows earlier. Are you ready for more eggs? Here we go!

 Most of the eggs on boxes were displayed outside on the Piazza. There are never any street performers here so it made sense to put these here. It was really early when I was here so there weren't a lot of people yet. It being half-term, those people would surely come very soon though...

 Collage time again! I took way too many picture in the end, and this is the best way to show you the grand scale of it all. Imagine over 100 eggs displayed in the Piazza here... I tried some from various angles showing various eggs... Do you recognise any of them? ;)

 I saw the thermo egg as well, and this was my chance to try the hand thing! So I put my hand on the cold part of the egg and waited. I also tried this with the warm part but as I have very small hands (and non-sweaty!) that took forever... the cold part was much easier. And look, my hand print is on the egg! So funny :)

I found a lot of eggs that I could now take decent pictures of, so here are some of the best ones. Even the post box one without the glass box over it :) And the golden one that was nearly invisible behind a window last time I saw it...

This was an egg that was originally in Covent Garden and has a kaleidoscope inside it. I never looked in, but this was my chance! Doesn't it look cool? I think there should be a light or something in there as well, but even without it looks amazing. 

 This egg was in Canary Wharf way back when and I only took a normal picture of it then. I love how this one came out :) The egg is covered in little mirrors and the effect was really nice.

 This is the teflon egg. Very hard to see inside the window of the Ritz hotel on Piccadilly at the time, I now could get a good closeup of it. Check out all those tiny flowers!

This smaller egg stood behind a window still, but it had better light so I could get this closeup. The dragon is just amazing!

 I also found one of my favourite eggs again, the kitty egg from Liberty. Yes I had to try and pose with it again, at least it was early in the day so I didn't look quite so sleepy ;) And look, it's my new sweater again! Hihi...

 I honestly can't remember where I saw this one last, but it had a prime spot on the gallery. You can even see the kitty egg in the background there!

 Another large batch of eggs was displayed on the cross roads inside the market. It had all the eggs that did not have a box and had to be hung up. It was very impressive seeing all of them like this!

This area also had some more standing eggs and the whole looked amazing. Do you see the bow-tie Tommy Hilfiger egg? And the flowery one that used to be in Mayfair on the ceiling? As it got later, there were more and more people and it was getting difficult to take some nice pictures without anyone in them. But this way you can see how popular these eggs were :)

 The East India egg from Mayfair was displayed also and check out what I found! They even left Australia as being New Holland from way back when :) Did you know that Australia was called New Holland until 1824? Yes I had to Google this, but it's still impressive!
 And, to my delight, Wally was there also! WITH his actual fabric bobble hat this time! He was inside the pop-up egg store facing out so this was the best I could do picture wise but just to see him with his hat made me smile :) I just checked their FB page and they've actually moved him outside on other days but sadly I didn't get to see that. Today they're having a raffle where you can win him! It's pouring rain outside so I'm not leaving the house but I hope it goes to someone who will cherish him :)

 My very first (and only) time in the pop-up egg store, they were selling cards and all kinds of decorated eggs. You could also buy a mini egg to paint yourself, or kitchen items such as aprons and bags. It was really cute :)

And with that last visit to the pop-up egg shop, the egg hunt officially comes to an end... Oh wait! There is more big news! The Big Egg Hunt has officially made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the egg hunt with the most participants! Over 12,000 people sent in their codes, not to mention all of those who didn't send them in and just hunted for fun. How cool is that? AND they also set the record for the most expensive chocolate egg ever sold (it went for GBP 7,000! That's over USD 11,000 or about EUR 8,500 for all non-British readers). I think it was a fantastic hunt and I'm looking forward to the next even they'll host. 

Big thanx to the Big Egg Hunt for all their efforts and I hope you all enjoyed the hunt with me. Tonight at 6pm all the eggs will be cleared and sent to their new owners, and it is with a sad face and a heavy heart that I wave goodbye to the eggs... *waves with tissue* Bye...


  1. I've enjoyed the egg hunt with you!
    I think the Wally egg is still my favourite!
    What's happening to all the eggs now?

  2. That was just too fun and great living this egg hunt through your eyes.
    ~Naila Moon

  3. I had an amazing time, so much to see and do.
    Im sure that everyone else had fun too. Thank you for sharing it all with me.

  4. I looked through your Easter egg pics and was so impressed. I wish they had something like this where I live.

  5. I have read about London's egg hunt and would love to see it one day! It looks like you had beautiful weather.


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