Busy But Inspired Weekend

Hi everyone!
The new job is keeping me busier than I thought and somehow I don't get a lot of crafting done, other than practice knitting on the tube... but that doesn't mean I don't do crafty things :) I have some things in the making and I really hope to be able to share them with you soon, so just hang in there please. I also haven't had time to make anything for the April giveaway, but that will also be listed soon. Fingers crossed I'll manage it all, hihi... 

I had a wonderful weekend :) It started off with a sushi dinner around the corner as a little celebration, and on Saturday I spent the afternoon with some ladies from the craft group at the hobby shop. Saturday evening was reserved for the sci-fi meet but I couldn't stay very long as the bf had cooked his amazing chili so after a busy day of shopping and socialising, I could just come home, fall onto the sofa and have a great dinner. He is so sweet! *swoon* Sunday was supposed to contain the sci-fi costume parade in Southbank, and while loads of other people did attend, there was no way my dress would have supported the weather (it has not stopped storming for 3 days now) so I stayed home and baked a cake instead.

 We did lots of shopping on Saturday :) Well, some more than others, hihi...

 I bought suprisingly few things, but most of the things I needed were somehow out of stock or I couldn't find them.... the purple wool is for more practising, although I did see a great pattern in one of the craft books I have for some arm warmers so who knows :) I also bought some circular knitting needles and baking things.

Another member of the group bought these pinky knits that I found amusing, especially as the colours are gorgeous :)

Yes it's been a busy weekend. Tomorrow is Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) in Holland and it's for that that I've baked the cake. I will wear something orange to work and hand out cake. Might be cheesy but I like it. Plus I then also have an excuse to eat some ;) I'll write my post about the Dutch day at Trafalgar Square also so you can celebrate with me. Speak soon!!


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