The 'Let's Pretend It's February' Giveaway Winner!

Heyhey everyone and Happy Easter Monday!
I am normally really not this egg-obsessed but this year I seem to really have been stung by the Easter bug LOL. I nearly forgot to post the winner of the 'Let's Pretend It's February' giveaway, so here it goes. 
The winner is: Robin!

Robin is a new follower and what a perfect way to welcome her to my little (but hopefully slowly growing) blog. I used again to pick the winner, and even though Blogger still doesn't allow comments to be numbered, this result was very easy :). Yes I know I really must try to get the numbering thing back as I have a few more of these planned...

Robin will be receiving this wonderful prize, the Country Living Handbook with lots of tips and ideas for all seasons in your garden. Congratulations!

Robin, please send me your contact details so I can get the book out to you. Thank you all for participating and keep your eyes peeled for the April giveaway also. I now have to write my actual post for today which will be about, believe it or not, eggs!


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