A Weekend for Everything

Hi everyone!
I have had such a busy weekend! It was filled with pretty much everything: socialising, wargaming, creativity, shopping, and bargains. I even managed to start a new project and learn a few things about knitting. So I may not have posted many completed projects yet, but I'm working on a lot :)

 The weekend started with Salute, a wargaming convention in Excel. This is an exhibition on miniature strategy games like Warhammer and the likes, and the bf really wanted to go. This was clearly a guy thing as the first stop was the pub!

 But once inside there were some cool things, like this Burton-style scenery. No idea about the game, but it looked nice :)

 Yes, I managed to find the only pirate in the building, and he even wore a handstitched coat!

 The Black Library stand got a lot of attention... 

 And of course a peek at the Forge World stall could not go amiss. (aren't you impressed how knowledgeable I sound? hihi)

 One of our friends who were there also was wearing this hilarious tshirt (really, only a guy would wear this!)

 After a few hours I left the boys to their gaming and I went to the cross stitch group which was already in full swing as I was a tad late... 

 I needed some help starting my new project which is this Spooky House. Isn't it cool? I have done the first 90 stitches on it now :) The handbags is being done by one of the other girls in the group. It looks really cute!

After the whole day on the go, the Sunday was reserved for the Alternative Bring & Buy Sale. I dragged the bf along with me (no, not as revenge for Saturday!) and we walked around the lovely stalls and caught up with friends. I didn't find much but I did buy a very cute purple cardigan.

As it happens, this was also the weekend for EFF again, but due to the new job I couldn't make it. I didn't think it would be a good idea to take time off in pretty much my first week... The weather wasn't too great, but from what I've seen of the photos it was a lovely weekend anyway. Off to work on some more projects now, I hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Hi! The Spooky House embroidery looks wonderful! I would love to see this in 'real'. I think I'll just have to set up a Tapestry/Embroidery meet-up!
    You are so busy with so many things! I loved our last craft evening, that was such a lovely group.


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