Christmassing - Southbank Christmas Market

Good evening one and all!
Last week's SantaCon and War of the World show were exhausting, but I had promised my sewing group to host a trip to the Christmas market in Southbank. And so I got up bright and early to finish some Christmas shopping and headed down to Southbank. The weather was AMAZING! As I write this early on a Saturday morning to get a head start on my blog posts and trying to avoid another month of zero-updates, it is pissing rain outside (really, even the English never say 'it's raining cats and dogs') and half the country is suffering from floods. So we were really lucky with the weather for the market.

We met at the London Eye as it was close to the market and easy to get to from all sides of London. Check out that sky! Who would have thought we'd have this sort of blue sky in December?

As I was waiting for the others, I snapped some pictures of the pier. It felt very Londony :)

Finally everyone had arrived and we were off to the market :) Tons of stalls had a 'no photos' sign so I'm afraid I didn't took any of the stalls just to be safe, but I did eat a lot and of course that HAD to be shown. These are the German Bratwursts :)

And they had Bratkartoffeln! (pan-fried potatoes, sooo good!) 

I was in heaven :) Am actually considering going back to get some more this week but let's see how much time I will have to get into town. But they were so good! Recipe anyone? Would love to know how to do this properly as I just can't seem to get it right, ever...

As we finished the market and I found a lovely ring, we also found the craft market (which was I am sorry to say a little disappointing) and the weekly food market. They had some yummy things at the food market, including these strudels which just look amazing. 

On the way home we passed this Santa (the only one today, not like the day before hihi), and I just had to get a picture. He did charge for it but hey it's only Christmas once a year and he was a really good Santa so why not. :)

I did craft a little as well so watch this space for some updates on that. I realise that I haven't been extremely crafty this year, but I have every intention of changing that very soon!


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