London SantaCon 2012

Hi everyone!
It's been a month already? Oh my... work has been insane and I am slowly starting to lose faith in humanity's honesty and integrity, but that should really not keep me from sharing my creations and events with you :) Life has been busy, but I guess it is the same for everyone here and you still manage to keep blogging throughout! Hats off to all of you as I didn't seem to manage LOL. BUT holidays have started! So on the first day of my 5-day Christmas relaxation, I woke up at 6am not being able to go back to sleep. I feel a nap coming on this afternoon. ;)

As you all know, Christmas for me is fun but I prefer Halloween. Having missed most of Halloween this year (as embarrassingly visible on this blog) I somehow have taken to Christmas this year and have been on the go for weeks. Shopping, researching, going to events... Christmas is in 3 days and I don't even have time to share all this with you since I really shouldn't post about pre-Christmas Christmas events post-Christmas. Did that make sense to anyone? Clearly it is very early here still and I am not entirely awake yet. But in the spirit of Christmas, I have much to share so here we go :) Let's start with this year's SantaCon which was on last week :) For some reason that I dont remember I missed last year's SantaCon, but this year I really wanted to attend. The weather was gorgeous and my friend had a spare ticket for Santa Cinema so it was excellent!

Meeting other Santas at 10am for the movie, they seemed to be starting off well ;)

Santas gathering in the cinema for a special Santa viewing of Bad Santa

After the cinema we started our route and walked via Leicester Square to Covent Garden

At one of the Santa Stops, I saw this Christmas tree, isn't this a great costume?! It's one of those army suits with the eh... strings? And he just added Christmas deco to it. Very original :)
There were many other excellent Santa variations including Spartan Santas...

And Army Santa, I really liked his hat, it was very cute

We walked through Covent Garden towards Holborn where our group was way too large for the next Santa Stop and we nearly got overrun by a bus...

We took the Tube to St Paul's where we had to find the remaining Santas. Several hundred Santas in the tube is always a challenge and we lost a good deal of Santas along the way, only to find them again later. In the mean time, however, I did get this piccie taken of Witch Santa at St Paul's :)

Crossing the Harry Potter bridge (I hang my head in shame and admit I don't actually know what the real name of this bridge is LOL, possibly the Millennium bridge?) towards the Tate Modern

After another Santa Stop near the Tate, we all headed to Trafalgar Square where we joined the other three Santa groups and I finally got a picture of the turkey in our group LOL

This was the crowd just before I went home at about 4ish to rush home for my next event, we were so many Santas! This was by far the biggest SantaCon ever, and it was a ton of fun :)

The reason I had to rush home was because I had tickets for War of the Worlds! OMG It was amazing! I have been wanting to see this for about 20 years and now I have. I'm so happy!

So this was an excellent day and so worth all the stressing and rushing in getting everywhere on time. If the rest of the season is like this, I will have no complaints :)


  1. That looks like so much fun! Love the turkey in amongst all the santas!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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