Christmassing - New Stockings and Apron

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends, family, lots of food and chocolate :) I know I did! It was just the two of us but it was lovely and relaxing and I am currently enjoying a few days off. 

Even though it was only the two of us, I still had a bit of stress as some of my Christmas projects weren't finished yet and the deadline was Christmas Eve! So I got up early and I got cracking on finishing said projects. 

The first project was a Christmas apron. Surely no one can cook a good Christmas meal without one! I had bought some lovely fabrics at Joann's when I was over there and wanted to make a cute frilly apron with it. There were some difficulties as I did this on a whim (no pattern!) so it's not perfect, and I only bought half a yard so I had to sew two pieces together to get a long piece with the print showing up correctly. But in the end it worked and I'm quite pleased with it :) Curious? This is it!

Originally I wanted to go for a half apron only, but I find that when I stir a sauce or something I can be rather enthusiastic so having the top bit would definitely be beneficial ;)

Side view so you can see the ruffles better. The idea was to get a Mrs Claus apron or similar. 

I find that I never have a pocket when I need one, so I cleverly sewed on a hidden pocket. Check out the picture above this one, would you have seen that it was there? ;)

Testing the apron while making Christmas dinner (goulash!). In the end it didn't turn out like the one in the picture that I was looking at (the supplier of those cute aprons, I just can't find them right now) and I'm not sure how I feel about the top part but it's a frilly Christmas apron so I'm happy :)

Once the apron was done, it was time for some new stockings. For the last 7 years, we've been using some fairy stockings which were very cute and also made by me, but I really wanted something new and more Christmassy. I got some fabrics a while ago (online via My Fabric House in the UK) so that part was taken care of. While looking for pattern I found the best one on FabricWorm. It is amazing, so easy and detailed instructions! The result: 

I LOVE these! The one on the left was supposed to be made out of the top fabric but the FQ somehow was wrong so I would only have enough fabric if the print would be vertical. So I chose this other rather cute fabric and used the black as a border only. The inside is blue, on second thought green might have been better, but it worked really well when I laid it all out. The stocking on the right has sparkles and is therefore clearly mine (think the bf would not be too happy if he would have sparkles LOL) and getting the polka dots to lign up was tricky as it was the last piece I had. For this one I used a light turquoise as a lining.

With both the apron and the stockings finished, it was time to gather near the tree. 

I think the bf liked his stocking, well he must have as it contained nothing but chocolates! :)

I'm extremely pleased that I got some Christmas crafting done, even if it was in the last minute. And I might even change the lining for green, but let's see how I feel about that after. I have one more Christmas project to share so watch this space! 

JANUARY UPDATE: The blue in the stocking annoyed me so much that I actually changed the lining. But instead of adding that to this post, I made a new post about it. Don't really know why, it made sense at the time. Check the update here :) 


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