Christmassing - Amended Christmas Stocking

Hi all,
I just had the BEST weekend of the year! I did so much! I have this huge pile of stuff to mend/change/adjust/finally finish/use for other stuff, and I've been trying to get through it all of 2012 but sadly without success. 2013 is the year of action and so I started on 1 January and I have to admit I'm getting there. I'm waiting to have enough done to have another mending week so I can keep it all together. At this rate it may need to be a mending month ;) I also just realised that I already mention this with picture even in one of my last blog posts. Sorry! Just so pleased on how much I got done!

When you read the title of this blog post, you may have thought 'Christmassing in January? That's early!' Well, there is a reason for it really. Do you remember the new Christmas stockings I made for the bf and me? I loved mine (it has sparkles! Although normally I'm not a fan, but this fabric was just perfect), but the bf's one was really annoying me. This is what I mean:

The one on the left I made for the bf (it has black in it!), and I used blue as a lining. Before I put it all together it looked fine, but once it was sewn up I just really hated the blue. I kid you not, I dreamed about changing the fabric! So this weekend I got cracking. I'd found some cream fabric in my stash which was just perfect for the inside and would pull the whole look more together than the blue. Because the blue was all I could focus on for some reason. So I took it out and replaced it with cream. 2.5 hours later (!) it was finally done and the stocking was finally to my liking.

Yes, it took that long! I was shocked too... sewing the lining and taking the old one out only took maybe 30 mins in total, but getting the new lining to fit into the stocking correctly was for some reason an absolute disaster. And I don't know why as the old one fit just fine, so I knew it couldn't have been the size or anything. Although maybe taking it in a tad might have helped in the end. The result?

From the front, it all still looks the same... 

But look at the top, it's it pretty now? Much more in line with the rest of the fabric and less 5-yr old also. Am sure the bf will appreciate it too (though he did ask for black lining, LOL). 

Technically this could have been a 'mending' project as well, but it's still close enough to Christmas to post this now, otherwise I would have had to wait nearly a whole year and I'm just way too impatient for that! ;)


  1. The fabrics you've chosen for both stockings look great!

  2. Ha Ha! Definitely too long to wait to post this till next Christmas! I'm impressed at how organised you are! Good for you starting the year in full swing! Keep up the excellent work!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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