New Year, New Craft

Hi everyone!
Oh boy the first day back at work was tricky. I really needed a snooze about halfway through so it was good that I had packed a piece of yummy apple pie to have with my afternoon tea :)

After work we had the very first craft meet of 2013 where we all started a new project. Perfect time for me to finally use up the pompom wool I bought back in March. It wasn't easy and after many youtube videos I still didnt understand the casting on bit, but luckily one lovely lady from the group came to the rescue and after three hours I was well on the way to having a shiny new purple scarf. 

Isn't it just wonderful? The colour is actually much more purple than it shows on the photo. Must be one of those colours that is really hard to photograph. But I couldn't stop touching this gorgeous wool :) OK, gorgeous microfiber polyester but you know what I mean. ;) It is straight at the bottom, it was just hanging off the table as I took this picture.

I have to finish it before Saturday ideally so I'll be carrying this around with me on the tube for the next few days. So far, 2013 is an excellent crafting year!


  1. that pompom yarn looks really difficult to work with, well done!


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